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Virtual Background for Commercial Use

Get professionally branded virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype for your entire company.

Virtual background
Virtual backgrounds

Protect your brand

Portray your company's identity in every outbound video call.

Virtual backgrounds

Stay Professional

Help your employees impress clients, partners and suppliers. 

Virtual backgrounds

For your entire comany

Easily share with everyone at your company - no software needed.

Trusted by over 10,000 customers, including at these amazing companies:

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Share with your entire company

in 5 minutes.

Portray your company's identity in every outbound video call.

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No software to install

Just send your staff a link to the license activation page and we'll do the rest.

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Maintain complete control

Use the web dashboard to see which users have activated your license.

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Automatic updates

We'll notify your users when a new update is available to download.

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Ongoing updates.

Buy now and get free, ongoing updates for all your users.

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1. How many licenses do you need?

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50 Users

50 Users - $400

For orders over 300 licenses, contact us here.

Business License

24 offices included

High resolution images

Lifetime license

Free updates - forever

No watermarks

Priority support

Custom designs

As a business owner, you know the importance of image. You want your office to be clean, professional, and welcoming. Clients should feel comfortable when they’re in a meeting with you. Achieving this effect is easy when dealing with an in-person arrangement — you clean up, offer coffee, and ensure your client is greeted with smiling faces. How can you achieve this same effect when conducting business via a video call tool such as Zoom? This poses a more significant challenge, and the constraints of a Zoom call can be a substantial obstacle for a company.

Free vs. Commercial Business Virtual Background

You have likely seen advertisements for free commercial virtual office background images, and these options can indeed offer an improvement over the natural background of an employee’s setting. However, free virtual backgrounds are often branded with a watermark or only permitted with a single-user license. This makes many free options less ideal for companies that need luxury commercial virtual office backgrounds.

What is the best Zoom virtual office background? For companies that need a customized background for all employees, the best option is a branded background available for use with a commercial or multi-user license. This allows your company to use the custom Zoom background on any call with few restrictions on how it can be used.

Benefits of Paying for a Virtual Background for Your Commercial Brand

In addition to the superb usability of commercial use office virtual backgrounds, paying for a Zoom background allows you to customize it according to the unique brand and aesthetics associated with your company. Choose the backdrop that’s best aligned with your brand image, enjoy the clarity of a high-resolution image, and project the image of professionalism that your clients have come to expect.

Paying for a virtual background also allows you to add customized embellishments such as your company logo. A custom-designed Zoom virtual office background can feature a stylized version of your logo to give Zoom callers the impression that they are in your board room or office. You can also add a slogan or other identifying feature to create a sense of consistency in your visual branding.

How a Virtual Background for Your Business Enhances Your Client Experience

You care about consistency and branding, but do your clients care that much? Does it matter to them what they see in the background of a Zoom call? Though most clients might not conscientiously be offended by the sight of an employee’s own home, it compromises the consistency of your brand that customers tend to appreciate.

A commercial virtual office background enhances the client experience by offering the reassurance and reliability of a cohesive brand image. When clients log on to a Zoom call, they want to know exactly who they’re talking to, and branded commercial use office virtual backgrounds offer that. You can provide your clients with a consistent experience even when working from home.

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