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Custom Virtual Background Packages for Your Whole Company

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As online communications with clients are increasingly common, many companies have lost the sense of branding with an in-person meeting. Employees may be taking calls from home, and your workforce is likely dispersed, away from the office. How can you restore the sense of unity that once defined your business? How can you maintain the appearance of consistency when your staff is working from home? There is no single answer to these questions, but many companies have benefitted from custom Zoom backgrounds that create the appearance of a consistent office environment.

What Types of Virtual Backgrounds Are Offered?

A custom luxury Zoom office background can offer the sense of consistency that’s often missing from company Zoom calls. What kind of background can you create, though, and what will it look like? There are many different types of virtual backgrounds to choose from, and your selection depends on the unique aesthetic you want to achieve for your company.

Some of the most popular ready-made designs include board rooms, office spaces, a trendy loft, or a posh home. Each of these offers a different effect on the viewer and portrays a specific image of professionalism. If your company caters to young and hip clientele, the loft with thriving houseplants may align with your branding. The clean and neutral board room offers a polished backdrop if you deal with high-ranking executives.

How Do These Packages Enhance Your Brand?

Every business owner knows that consistency is the key to success. Your clients rely on you for a product, service, or experience that is the same every time they buy it. This principle transcends what you sell, though — consistency is also crucial to your overall brand. You want to ensure that clients can easily recognize your company name, logo, and brand image — and a custom Zoom virtual office offers precisely that.

Custom Zoom backgrounds enhance your brand by reinforcing brand awareness for anybody on a Zoom call with one of your company representatives. This consistency can help keep clients’ attention and achieve a higher retention rate. If clients are looking at the messy bedroom of a salesperson, this doesn’t precisely favor your brand.

Benefits of Virtual Background Team Packages

To achieve an ideal level of consistency, you need to implement the same branding across every Zoom call. This means that all employees who conduct business via Zoom should have the same custom virtual office background. For example, it should feature an explicit identifier for your company — your logo or slogan. The best way to achieve this is to invest in a virtual background team package.

This allows you to use multiple user licenses and share a consistent image across all meetings conducted via Zoom. This offers reassurance to clients who may be wary of video call communications. Regardless of who a client speaks to, they’ll know they’re talking to your company when they see your custom virtual Zoom background.

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