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Colors are a key part of how you look in video meetings - Virtual Office

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The way you present yourself in front of customers and employees is critical. The colors you wear, the clothes you wear, the outfit choices and girls, even the color of your nails! In video meetings in particular it is important to dress to impress.

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Look the role The first step you need to take is to look the role you want to be perceived as. Do you want to look sophisticated? laid back? These are essential elements you need to consider and establish when dressing for a meeting, especially online. You want to set a positive, good & rememberable impression.

Opposites attract Matching colors to your skin tone is essential when wanting to look presentable and the part. A quick and easy hack to correspond colors that suit your skin tone, is the rule of opposites attract. The darker your skin tone, the warmer the colors you should wear.

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Psychology of colors A crucial part of matching colors to your skin tone is actually psychological. Red - strength, power, determination Green - growth, harmony Blue - enthusiastic, communicative Brown - dependability, reliability, and resilience Orange - happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, determination Yellow - happiness, intellect, energy Purple - independence, creativity, ambition White - perfection, goodness, innocence Black - elegance, formality

So give it a try in your next Zoom call and choose the colors that will help you look better during your video meeting.

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