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Fall & Halloween Office Backgrounds You Can Customize

When someone visits your physical office, you clean up to appear more professional. During the holiday season, you may even decorate to feel more in the spirit. Although Halloween isn’t a federally recognized holiday, it’s popular among adults and children. Choose a Halloween virtual background to enjoy the season and showcase your festive personality. Here are six new fall backgrounds that support your brand.

1. Corporate Fall

A fall virtual background can build brand recognition and trust while concealing your personal office space. Choosing one seasonal background for your team can give you a consistent look to avoid distractions during a meeting. No one has to worry about cleaning up their office space for a meeting. Everyone can focus on the agenda at hand.

2. Bright Halloween

This Halloween virtual background isn’t spooky or scary, but it does give your team a unique presence during video meetings. It’s a whimsical look that will make your team festive during the season. Remind your team to use plenty of lighting or to have a window behind them during a Zoom meeting for their best look.

3. Autumn is Here

This fall virtual background can be used before and after Halloween, as it isn’t holiday-specific. Give your team and yourself a fall background that reminds your clients and vendors about the best things about fall. Another tip for using a Zoom background is to try remaining stationary when on screen. This prevents distractions or odd effects during your meeting.

4. Gloomy Halloween

Show off a whimsical side of your business with this Gloomy Halloween that can smile at your colleagues. Did you know that you can rotate backgrounds during a meeting? It’s one way to strategically use your space during a marketing and branding meeting with clients.

5. Corporate Pumpkin

Virtual meetings make great branding opportunities when you have a corporate Zoom background. You can include pumpkins to give off the spirit of fall while still marketing your business to stakeholders in the meeting. Plus, no one has to see what is behind you. You and your team save time and headaches during a conference call.

6. Pumpkin Patch

There’s probably no better symbol of fall than a pumpkin. Pumpkins also symbolize abundance and generosity, not only because they represent the fall harvest but also because one pumpkin contains many seeds to create next fall’s harvest. Some people even connect pumpkins with creativity, so this background has more to it than just corporate branding.

Best Practices For Fall Zoom Meetings

Using a corporate Zoom background is a great way to reduce distractions any time of year, not only in autumn. Here are a few tips to present yourself professionally on camera.

  • Practice positioning the camera when you’re not in a high-stakes meeting. Use different lighting so you can see how you look to get the best view of yourself.

  • Avoid multitasking on camera and during meetings. It’s human nature to want to do something else, but you should focus on the call, whether you’re on camera or not.

  • Mute your microphone and find ways to reduce background noise. If you are in a loud place, try using a headset with a mic. Again, testing new equipment before a meeting is a good idea.

  • Practice using Zoom in a low-stakes atmosphere. Learn how the different features work to have a better meeting when you need it.

  • Don’t schedule back-to-back meetings. Give yourself time between meetings to handle messages and other responsibilities. You’ll reduce meeting fatigue and eyestrain when you take a break.

Use these new backgrounds in your corporate videoconferencing meetings.



Transform your office space into a festive haven with customizable Fall and Halloween backgrounds, adding a touch of seasonal warmth to your virtual meetings. Whether it's rustic autumn landscapes or spooky Halloween motifs, the options are endless. Elevate the ambiance with innovative technology from Docutrend, a leading company in cutting-edge office and HR technologies in the Northeast. Their products and services maximize organizational growth through the use of modern and innovative technologies, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Embrace the spirit of the season by incorporating these backgrounds, creating a vibrant and engaging virtual workspace that seamlessly integrates with the latest advancements in office technology offered by Docutrend.


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