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How to survive working from home, with your partner, during a lockdown - Virtual Office

The pandemic has undeniably changed peoples lives drastically, with no warning and no one expected it. People were thrown into working from home, without any prior experience in doing so. It may have seemed like a nicer option, at the start, than travelling all the way into work. But it certainly has not been the case for many people. Here are a few tips in which you can improve your lockdown life, working from home.

  1. Communication This referring to communication amongst you and your partner, like never before. Peoples relationships have been tested to their limits throughout this pandemic. You have to ensure that you are communicating every day about your day, about work. But make sure you are listening as concentratedly as they would to you.

  2. Themed nights Due to restaurants opening on and off, there is never a guarantee that you will be able to "spice up" you evenings by going out. Themed nights are a great way to keep things exciting within the household, whether you live alone, with roommates or your partner, they are always good fun. Start by choosing your favourite cuisine and take it from there, get creative!

  3. Creating more flexible hours Going into work, there has always been set times, set by your employer, where you have to work. Now, due to the pandemic, you are able to work from home, this now does not have to be the case. Arrange more flexible hours with your employer, this will allow you to work on a schedule that best suits you. You can leave some free time throughout the day to spend with your partner or friends to go on walks, go to your favourite cafe. You can now do things throughout the day that make you happy.


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