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Improving Your Virtual Presentation Skills: Tips & Tricks for 2024

Online meetings are becoming more standard in business due to convenience and cost. One of the problems with virtual meetings is the need for more audience engagement. If you are hosting a meeting online, you must learn the top virtual presentation skills to keep attendees interested in your content. Here are some tips and tricks for 2024.

What Makes a Good Virtual Presentation?

An excellent virtual presentation should be interesting and interactive. The presenter must display effective virtual presentation skills and also have no problems with their technology. The content they present may feature interactive elements, such as polls and audience participation pieces. Any professional can learn how to create a strong virtual session with virtual presentation skills training.

How to Do a Virtual Presentation?

If you have to hold a virtual training session or presentation, it’s not that different from an in-person meeting. Most of your content can be adapted to fit a virtual format, and some virtual presentation skills are similar to presenting to an audience in person. The key to making your presentation more effective is shifting your audience from passive listeners to active participants.

Tips & Tricks to Improving Your Virtual Presentation Skills

Learn some virtual presentation skills training techniques to improve your online meeting. Below, you will see a virtual presentation skills checklist of tips to follow so your audience will leave your meeting inspired and ready to act on your message.

Prepare Ahead of Time

First, get your presentation off to a great start by putting lots of planning and preparation into your meeting before seeing your audience. Effective virtual presentation skills start with a well-organized presentation. Research your topic and audience so you can design an impactful meeting that is memorable and fun. Choose a quiet and distraction-free setting for your background.

Engage Your Audience

Next on your virtual presentation skills checklist is to engage your audience. The problem with many online meetings is that they don’t allow participation. Audiences may get bored and do other things in the background instead of actively listening. Give your audience something to do by asking questions, running polls, and keeping them engaged.

Master the Technology

During virtual presentation skills training sessions, presenters must practice using the technology that goes into their meeting. If your technology fails during your meeting, you may lose your audience. Practice the online meeting tools and other features you plan on using, such as sharing your screen, breakout rooms, online whiteboards, and visuals. Don’t leave your tech up to chance; it risks breaking down and impacting your message.

Practice and Perfect It

The last suggestion on the virtual presentation skills checklist is to practice your online meeting. If you have friends or colleagues who can offer feedback, ask to practice the meeting with them. The more you go through your presentation, the more comfortable you appear. You want to seamlessly present your information and display your visuals without appearing nervous or awkward.

Examples of Great Virtual Presentations

Finally, before you present your information to the world, take some time to watch other successful online presentations. Watch videos of top companies like Google, Apple, and Adobe and their online meetings to see effective virtual presentation skills. In the last three years, many corporations have shifted to this model. You may see new ideas and suggestions to add to your presentation.

Presenting to an audience through an online meeting is a reality in 2024. You need to learn virtual presentation skills so your online meetings are more effective and engaging. Practice making your presentation skills more impactful so your meetings have more impact.


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