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New Zoom AI: How it Will Change Your Work Meetings

Most people today use some form of video conferencing software. Not only is it helpful for those who work remotely, but it also makes business meetings more accessible and more convenient. You have probably also noticed the rapid expansion of AI tools, but you may need to learn what they do or how they can help. Therefore, this is information about Zoom AI.

What is Zoom AI Companion?

You probably spend more than half of your day completing repetitive tasks, such as sorting, reading, and writing emails and chat messages. The Zoom AI tool is a type of digital assistant that can help. It is available for those who pay for Zoom services and helps encourage connection, increase productivity, enhance effectiveness, and improve skills.

This assistant can summarize your virtual meetings, help you write and send emails, help you develop creative solutions, and summarize your chat threads. You can even track your conversation analytics through these tools. Zoom AI allows you to ask for clarification without disrupting your meetings and can create chat responses in your tone and context.

How Does It Work?

When you are in a meeting, your digital assistant creates an audio recording and transcript to answer your questions, catch you up, and give you more information. The last thing you want to do is interrupt the speaker because you missed an important point. It also produces a cloud recording. This allows the tool to produce summaries, highlight key conversation areas, divide the text into chapters, and create a next steps document. The assistant can also share an overview of the meeting with the attendees via email or chat.

Zoom AI also helps you compose and reply to emails. It suggests content you can use based on the email topic and your purpose for writing it. This tool considers the email topic, you and your recipient, and any prompts you provide to create these threads.

This tool also helps you during team chats. It can use the current chat text and user information to create conversational information. It mimics your tone and writing style to produce a response. In addition, this AI tool provides you with a summary at the end of your chat.

This tool uses data to make redundant tasks easier and more efficient. It analyzes your writing to produce similar content.

How Zoom Is Putting Customer Privacy First With AI

Zoom’s AI does not use your information to improve the tool. Your chats, communications, attachments, or other data remain private. Instead, it uses Zoom’s large language model and other tools to build its companion. Although Zoom uses your data to create responses, Zoom does not give it to third-party providers to improve their tools and models. However, Zoom may share it for legal purposes.

You need to turn on the Zoom AI tool. It does not automatically turn on when you log into Zoom or your email and chat tools. It defaults to off unless you turn it on. You should also see a notice when this feature is live.

With your new Zoom AI tool, you may wonder how to remove Otter AI from Zoom meetings. You can find this and other tools in your third-party settings. Disable it and exit your audio settings. This will ensure that additional software does not impact your audience’s privacy because these other tools won’t longer record your meetings.

How Will Zoom AI Companion Change the Future of Work Meetings?

The Zoom AI Companion will make meetings more efficient and effective. You can watch your meeting recordings, find key highlights, and get summaries, so you don’t have to weed through significant text to find the answers to your questions. You can become more informed on topics and share information more readily.

Chat is critical to open communication and teamwork but can become overbearing and confusing. The Zoom tool tells you what you need to know and helps you weed through the confusion. You can schedule meetings based on your chats and work with other Zoom tools, such as Whiteboard, Mail, and Notes, to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

You will prepare for your meetings quickly by asking the AI tool to locate essential information about projects and provide information about topics you will cover. During your meeting, you can access real-time support for questions, create responses, and connect topics to action steps, such as creating job tickets or scheduling meetings. After your meetings, you can quickly review what you discussed and share it with your stakeholders before developing a plan for the next steps in a project.

Key Takeaways

Zoom developed an AI interface that can help you save time, gain information, and become more effective and efficient. This user-friendly interface can reduce redundant administrative tasks and help you refocus on more important tasks. Also, Zoom seeks to update this tool consistently.

Whether or not you have used Otter AI Zoom, test the new Zoom AI tool and see how it impacts your workflow.



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