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Top 10 Professional Video Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings

Updated: Apr 8

Conducting business via Zoom meetings has plenty of challenges. You would likely prefer to talk with your clients face-to-face, but virtual meetings may be necessary. There are some benefits for all of the obstacles that virtual communication may offer, including connecting with clients no matter where they are in the world! Virtual meetings also allow you to create consistent branding for your company. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using professional office virtual background images for Zoom.

1. Luxury Background

You want to portray an image of elegance to clients — a look that announces your company’s status and prestige. A professional office for virtual background Zoom can achieve this effect by positioning a luxurious backdrop behind employees on every call. This can include a sweeping view of a city skyline or a posh room with modern furniture. No matter what luxury background you choose, clients will enjoy the sense of grandeur that can transform a simple meeting from routine to riveting.

2. Loft Background

Do you want to invite your clients to enjoy the view of an exclusive loft setting? A professional loft office perfectly balances casual and luxurious for a virtual background. Attendees will appreciate the familiar feeling of a room furnished with bookshelves and an inviting couch, but the refined presentation reminds viewers that you are a professional conducting business. Loft backgrounds offer the best of both worlds for companies that want a clean but casual vibe when conducting business via Zoom meetings.

3. Home Background

If your company err on the side of relaxed and casual, maybe you don’t mind a homey background for company calls that occur from staff members’ homes. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your employees’ living space will project the clean and remarkable image important to your company. A room may be perfectly manicured, but the presence of one dirty dish in the background will completely ruin the vibe. A professional office for a virtual background that features a residential scene can offer the professionalism you seek combined with the casual image of your brand.

4. Branded Background

Nothing is more important than branding. Your company’s unique visual signifiers are a calling card for the quality and company reputation that you’ve worked hard to instill in customers. This means your virtual meetings should always feature a professional office for a virtual background displaying your branding elements prominently. Put your logo, slogan, and other vital elements front and center during a company call. This creates a sense of brand consistency, often reassuring to clients — especially those who may have misgivings about the virtual meeting experience.

5. Simple Background

Sometimes less is more. If you live by this philosophy and run your company based on this principle, too, you’ll probably gravitate towards simple professional office virtual background images for Zoom. This might include an image that features a simple, monochrome wall decorated with your company logo. It might look like a background with your logo and a single ornamental houseplant. Whatever your definition of simplicity, you can find the Zoom background to represent your company.

6. Office Background

If you want to keep things classic, nothing is better suited to a business meeting than a virtual background with a view of an office. Professional virtual backgrounds for Google Meet and Zoom that feature an office can help to recreate the sense of a traditional meeting environment, which is excellent for traditional businesses or companies dealing with clients who prefer the look of a virtual office. You can customize your office background to feature your company’s logo to imitate the in-person office experience completely.

7. Board Room Background

Are you using Zoom and Google Meet meetings to make critical corporate decisions? If so, maybe you’ll enjoy the environment provided by a boardroom customize your office background to feature your company’s logo to imitate the in-person office experience background completely. This background features a rectangular table with eight to ten chairs surrounding its perimeter. The scene can be further accented by adding your company logo to the wall. The image evokes an air of professionalism and purpose — perfect for a company doing business via Zoom with important and high-ranking executive clients.

8. Lobby Background

A lobby background is another great option for users to create a neutral yet professional presentation in Zoom business meetings. This is one of the best professional office virtual background images for Zoom because it creates an impression of professionalism and invites meeting attendees to be comfortable. A lobby background may feature a welcoming couch, windows with a city view, and wall furnishings that display your company logo. These elements perfectly combine class and professionalism for a business like yours.

9. Brick Background

Brick backgrounds are ideal if you have a flair for the aesthetic. Choose from a loft background with an exposed brick façade or a gorgeous neutral room with a whitewashed brick display. Brick offers a natural and casual environment while still being clean and professional. This makes it an excellent option for a professional office with virtual background. You can put the finishing touch on a brick façade by adding your company’s logo and creating a custom background appropriate for any business call.

10. Skyscraper Background

Perhaps your company’s office is in a stunning skyscraper, and you miss showing off the view to your clients. Maybe you’ve always wanted a breathtaking city view, and now’s your chance to have it! A skyscraper background is among the best selections for a virtual office background. Meeting attendees will be wowed by the impressive view behind you, and you can combine this prestige with your company’s branding. Add your company logo to the wall adjacent to your city views for a background just as professional as it is prestigious.


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