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What Background Colors Are Best for Zoom?

Your favorite color is a matter of preference. There are objectively better and worse choices when picking a solid-color background for video conferencing. A bright, attention-getting background might not achieve the desired effect. Neutral shades are generally the best solid-color Zoom background settings. Find out more about which colors to use as backgrounds during virtual meetings.

Best Colors for Your Virtual Background

The best Zoom background color will likely be a neutral shade such as gray or blue. You might prefer a light or dark background, depending on the time of day or the season. Find out more about lighter and darker shades of neutral colors and options for color palettes in high-resolution virtual office backgrounds.

Light Neutrals

Pale neutral shades are among the best solid backgrounds. Whether you choose an off-white, light blue, or light gray background, these colors can make your camera feed stand out without giving other meeting attendees headaches. While most pastels are not technically neutral, these pale shades could be suitable depending on the meeting's time, date, and purpose.

Dark Neutrals

A dark, neutral background can contribute to a formal presentation. Consider darker blue or gray shades. Black is technically neutral but can look harsh. If you choose a dark background, it is also essential to ensure that the lighting in your surroundings is bright enough to create contrast between your camera feed and the background.

Virtual Office Color Palettes

A virtual office background can provide more visual interest than any solid color. You can choose from a wide variety of office environments. Almost every virtual office has a prevalent color palette, and some images feature accent colors. The most critical factors for selecting an office background you can customize by uploading your business logo, including any colors in your logo design and the outfits you plan to wear during meetings.

Casual Setting Color Schemes

In addition to a wide range of office settings, you can also choose from virtual backgrounds that look more casual. You might prefer to use a comfortable or cozy-looking background for informal meetings. The colors in these background images should still complement your clothing.

Color Psychology's Influence

Insights from color psychology can help you select the most effective, purpose-oriented backgrounds. Consider the number of brands that use blue logos and branding, including Zoom. The color blue is associated with reliability, stability, and trustworthiness.

Every color and shade has psychological associations, but many options are too bold or bright to use as virtual backgrounds. Bright shades could distract other attendees from a meeting or clash with your outfit. You should balance the impression you want to make on other attendees and the best backgrounds for video conferencing.

Things to Consider for Different Meeting Purposes

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, you should achieve a formal or casual presentation. During sales pitches or other occasions where you represent your brand, you might prefer a virtual office background with space to display your business's logo.

These are a few tips to help you pick the best background color for Zoom. You should factor in the colors that suit the purpose of your meeting and the light levels in the location of your camera. If you prefer a virtual office background, the color scheme should complement your clothing and any colors in your business logo. Thoughtful color choices can help you make a positive impression during virtual meetings.


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