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Work More Efficiently Using AI Chrome Extensions

Artificial intelligence is one of the leading technology trends in 2023. A growing number of browser extensions for Google Chrome powered by AI have the potential to speed up your workflow. Find out how AI can change your work and discover five tools, such as the Perplexity AI Chrome extension, to help you work more efficiently.

Why Artificial Intelligence is Taking Off

AI can help you work faster with better results. From applications to browser extensions that offer explanatory responses to search queries, scrape data off of websites, convert text to speech, create content, or transcribe virtual meetings, AI-powered tools do the hard work so that you can prioritize critical parts of your workflow.

While AI development has been ongoing for years, recent releases have made AI readily available to all users. As of mid-2023, an increasing number of free or affordably priced AI-powered tools are available as Chrome extensions.

5 AI Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

The best Chrome extensions for increasing productivity use AI to handle tedious tasks that could otherwise limit your time to focus on value-added contributions. Learn more about five of the best AI-powered browser extensions.

1. Perplexity

Perplexity provides answers to search queries in prose with cited sources. This Chrome extension can also generate helpful summaries of web pages. Get a link to share answers or click to pose follow-up questions. The Perplexity extension is free for all users.

2. Seamless

Instantly generate contact information for users on business-to-business websites with Seamless. The Seamless AI Chrome extension works on LinkedIn and other B2B websites and integrates with leading customer relationship management and marketing automation platforms. Try the free tier or upgrade to a Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

3. Natural Reader

A leading text-to-speech tool offers an AI reader Chrome extension. Natural Readers has a free tier with unlimited use. This service can read webpages, emails, Google Docs, PDF files, eBooks, and more. Upgrade to the Personal, Professional, or Ultimate version to access natural voices.

4. Compose AI

Reduce your writing time by using an AI writing assistant, Chrome extension. Compose AI offers autocompletion, rephrasing, and produces text in Google Docs and messages in Gmail. Generate up to 1,000 words monthly for free or upgrade to write more with AI.


An AI transcription service eliminates the need to take notes during meetings. can automatically join virtual meetings to record and transcribe audio and capture text and visuals. The Chrome extension detects virtual meeting links and works with Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Zoom. Get 300 monthly transcription minutes for free or upgrade for more transcription minutes and imports.

Protecting Your Data Security

Whenever you use extensions, you run the risk of exposing data. Users should be aware of the permissions extensions request, including access to their browser history, passwords, or other sensitive information. Host permissions have the highest level of risk, and other permissions requests may have high, medium, or low levels of risk.

Google makes it easy to see which developer created each extension, check privacy practices, and ensure a publisher has no history of violations. You should still be aware of permissions requests and avoid exposing sensitive data through extensions.

How to Try AI Chrome Extensions

Search for browser extensions in the Chrome Web Store. The overview, number of users, average rating, and reviews can help you decide whether to try a Chrome extension. Customizing your workflows with browser extensions and virtual office backgrounds for video calls and conferences can help you work more efficiently.



"Work More Efficiently Using AI Chrome Extensions" aligns seamlessly with our commitment at DTS to deliver leading technology solutions that optimize productivity. Harnessing the power of AI in Chrome extensions is a testament to the dynamic integration of innovative tools into daily workflows. Just as we strive to streamline operations and minimize costs for our clients, these extensions offer a practical solution for enhanced efficiency. In the evolving landscape of technology, embracing AI not only aligns with our mission but also reflects the continuous pursuit of cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers. As we have supported thousands of clients since 2004, the focus on AI-driven Chrome extensions reinforces the importance of staying at the forefront…


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Susan Batten
Sep 11, 2023

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