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Premium Branded Virtual Office Backgrounds

Simply select your office, fill in your information and upload your logo.

$25 per Premium Office

No Watermark

Professionally Branded

High Resolution

Single User License

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This order is for a Single User License only.

For commercial packages use, click here.

Zoom has never been more popular than it is now. There are many reasons for its rise in popularity, but regardless of the cause, it’s likely that Zoom calls are now a permanent part of company culture. Many professionals who are using Zoom, though, are doing so as they work from home — and a background featuring a tiny apartment or messy bedroom isn’t the best representation of your company. This has made the need for professional Zoom aesthetics apparent. Whether you’re looking for a branded virtual office background that features your company’s logo or a simple, clean office image, you can take your Zoom calls to the next level with a branded virtual office Zoom.

What Is a Branded Virtual Office Background?

One of the most significant benefits of a virtual office background is its opportunity to execute effective branding for your business. When your employees are on calls, talking to clients, and discussing deals, you don’t want clients to be looking at the inside of an employee’s house — this creates a sense of unprofessionalism and a lack of consistent branding. A branded Zoom virtual office, on the other hand, creates a consistent image for your company and employees.

This is because a branded virtual office design can incorporate the key aesthetic elements of your brand as well as visual identifiers like a logo. If you want clients to see your boardroom when they’re on a Zoom call, you can create a branded virtual office Zoom that features a photo of your boardroom. If you want all employees to make calls with your company logo in the background, you can do that, too.

Free Vs. Paid Virtual Background

What is the difference between a free branded Zoom virtual office and a paid virtual background for Zoom? There are a few notable differences, but the merits of a free background shouldn’t be dismissed. A free Zoom virtual background will typically include a stock image that shields an employee’s background from the view of clients, which can avoid the appearance of unprofessionalism.

A paid branded Zoom virtual background offers far more benefits, though. In addition to avoiding the appearance of unprofessionalism, a paid background affords users more tools for customization, including the addition of a logo or the selection of a custom photo. These features allow a business to create a fully branded, consistent, and customized image.

Benefits of Paying for a Virtual Background for Your Brand

Paying for Zoom virtual background might be one of the best investments you make for your business. A branded virtual office background tells clients precisely who they’re talking to, and it establishes the brand consistency that’s so often lacking from Zoom calls. You want your clients to identify your company and its brand quickly, and they will invest in the right customized Zoom background. Paying for a virtual background allows you to customize it according to your company’s unique needs.

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