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Get recognized instantly! Reduce clutter in your work environment, make your surroundings look professional so you can maximize every opportunity. Utilize Virtual Office today for just about any platform and feel confident about every meeting. 


Make the Zoom client truly yours by giving it a fresh and professional 



Feel confident in every MS Teams meeting by personalizing your background.


Be the expert for every Google Workspace reunion by branding your Virtual Office.


Show executive talent on any Skype call with your own virtual workplace and custom company branding

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High resolution images

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Virtual backgrounds add a polished touch to your video conferences. With their simple and sophisticated style, they help create a more professional atmosphere for any online meeting. Zoom Virtual Office provides free and premium backgrounds for several online video call platforms. With a wide selection of images and user-friendly customization, it's easy to choose the right virtual office background for your next meeting.

Compatible Platforms

Our virtual office backgrounds are compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. These platforms support portrait segmentation, the critical technology that makes virtual backgrounds work. When facing your device's camera, portrait segmentation uses an AI-based neural network to separate your face, head, and upper body from your surroundings. Doing this creates a green screen effect — except without a literal green screen.

When you upload a Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams background, you use an image file that replaces your surroundings. With portrait segmentation, your video call platform places your image over your new background and broadcasts that in the video feed of your call. While setting up a green screen behind you can improve the appearance of your background during the call, it's optional. You can quickly upload and select your desired background and join the call in your everyday environment.

Benefits of Using Branded Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are easy to use. With just a few steps, you and your team members can choose your desired images and upload them before or during a video call. Still, the backgrounds available from Zoom Virtual Office come with another critical benefit: branding.

Customized Branding

Zoom Virtual Office allows you to add your organization's logo branding to any background. All you need to do is select the professional Zoom background you want, upload a graphic of your logo and complete your contact details before clicking the "Complete Order" button.

Ensure your image file is set to transparent — in other words, the white background that appears in the empty spaces around and inside the logo should be transparent. This ensures that the white spaces don't appear in the final version of your background.

Custom-branded virtual backgrounds emphasize your organization's identity. When meeting with clients, your logo is prominently visible above or behind you during their video calls. If you're attending a big video call with professionals from other organizations, your logo brand can help set you apart from the rest.

What Package Types We Offer

Zoom Virtual Office lets you create a custom Zoom background for free. In addition, we offer single premium backgrounds and packages with multiple backgrounds in one download. Our current package includes a complete set of 24 office backgrounds. They all feature sophisticated modern office settings, customizable with your organization's logo appearing above or behind you in each image.

Zoom Virtual Office strives to provide robust virtual office background solutions with the best possible value. Whether you're an office of one or manage a large team, our virtual backgrounds are an ideal solution for your video conference calls.

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