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Custom Virtual Backgrounds

for Google Meet


Make the right impression with your clients.

In 2020, Google Meet video conferencing became ubiquitous as people shifted to remote work. While they allowed companies to continue doing business, many workers found new problems. Maybe their coworkers didn't mind seeing stacks of paper, kids' toys, or other stuff behind them during conferences. Still, it's easy to feel self-conscious about clutter — and that can undermine one's ability to be at one's best during a meeting. Even worse are interruptions: kids, pets, or even half-dressed housemates or partners walking past the webcam. 

It doesn't look like we'll stop telemeetings anytime soon. That's why a custom Google Meet virtual office background may be an ideal solution. Personalized brandable backgrounds with clean, modern aesthetics can project a professional image and promote the right atmosphere for workplace video conferencing.

Casper logo for virtual office
cushman wakefield logo for virtual office
wix logo for virtual office
Zoom Logo for virtual office
Snyk logo for virtual office

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Office Background for Zoom - Virtual background

What Are The Best Google Meet Virtual Backgrounds?


There are tons of Google Meet virtual background download options. You have so many to choose from — some examples include nature scenes, video game stills, the Golden Gate Bridge, and even the White House press room. There's even a virtual background with the Simpsons' living room couch!

As you may conclude, not all of these backgrounds are appropriate for work environments. They also do not convey a professional image, which is crucial for even video conference meetings. Whether your meeting attendees are company employees or you're meeting virtually with clients, you want that consistent professional image and atmosphere. 

Now that we've discussed what may not work for your meetings let's look at which Google Meet virtual backgrounds are best. You want to pick clean, attractive backgrounds and perhaps on the minimalist side. Ideally, your background should look like an actual office space. Fortunately, virtual office backdrops come in a wide variety of scenes:

  • Meeting and conference rooms

  • Office lounges and sitting areas

  • Office workspaces with desks and computers

  • Open interior spaces with window walls


Images like these are attractive and pleasing to the eye, but they're also not distracting. They're much better than plain-colored or funny backgrounds, but they also help hide away clutter and less desirable things present in employees' home spaces. Even better, they can be customized with other elements — text, company logos, and so forth.

Create Your Branded Office Background

Nothing leaves a better impression on a video meeting than a branded virtual office.

Create your own, branded virtual office background for Google Meet! 

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How To Utilize Them for Your Brand

The right Google Meet custom virtual background can make a noticeable difference during video conferences. And since you can personalize these backgrounds, they offer the perfect opportunity to strengthen and promote your brand.

You can help create a professional environment for video conference meetings with branded backgrounds. While you're not in your physical office space, branded backgrounds remind attendees that they're collaborating for everyday purposes and goals. During employee meetings, a professional environment can focus on the business at hand and whoever's speaking at the moment.

Even considering these benefits, branded backgrounds truly shine in two other settings. Meetings with clients require you to put your best face forward. Custom Google Meet virtual backgrounds help you accomplish this objective by pairing your brand logo with professional-looking backdrops. And if you're on B2B video calls, your branding stands out. Whether attendees view other participants by themselves or use a gallery/grid format, your branding is easily visible and draws their eyes. 

With a branded virtual background, your organization's logo appears near the center of the background image. The logo is usually shown on a wall facing the viewer: typically behind, above, or to the left or right of the speaker. With an office-themed background, logos and branding are visible and do not compete for attention with other visual elements. 


Portray your company's identity and brand in every outbound video call. Simply select your office background, fill in your information and upload your logo. Explore the most versatile background generator with a wide selection of platforms.

Commercial licensing for multiple users

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Personal Employee Branding

High resolution images with 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Use Virtual Office Anywhere

How To Add Them to Your Meeting to Make It More Professional

Choosing a branded Google Meet office background is easy. Adding it to your meetings is even easier. Current best practices recommend adding a background before the meeting starts. You can follow a few simple steps to upload a custom background:

  • Select your meeting in the Google Meet app.

  • Click "Apply visual effects" in the bottom right of your screen.

  • Select "Upload a background image" and pick your image from the prompts.

  • Click "Join Now" to enter the meeting with your custom background. 


Forgot to add your custom branded background after joining a meeting? No worries. You can still do it even after the meeting has started. Just click the "More" option on the bottom of your Google Meet screen, then follow the same steps above. 

Transforming Your Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are here to stay. Custom branded virtual backgrounds for Google Meet can help you make the most of these meetings. Choosing images that fit the desired atmosphere and aesthetic is essential, and you can't go wrong with modern-looking office spaces. Added branding helps your organization stand out and promotes a professional working environment when employees telecommute.

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What is a virtual background for Google Meet?


If your house is a mess or you just want to look more professional, you can easily change your meeting background to the office you’ve always dreamed of.

Can I use my office background without a green screen?

You don't need any special equipment to use your Branded Virtual Office. All you need is a plain wall or another surface (like a curtain) of a single color.

How to use your Branded Virtual Office Background

Follow this post for instructions

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