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Custom Virtual Backgrounds 

for Skype


Make the right impression with your clients.

The move from traditional office to home location continues to increase. Forbes magazine reported that by the end of 2022, as much as 25% of jobs might be work-at-home positions. In addition, Findstack notes that up to 16% of companies have become entirely remote-based. 
The older ideal of housing staff in one building is breaking, and employees continue to prove that an at-home lifestyle doesn't hinder their talents. Findstack reports that 77% of remote workers say a boost in productivity.
Work from home provides many benefits, such as flexible hours and space. However, studies from Findstack note that these employees struggle to establish communication and maintain solid contact. Support your workers' needs by providing them with a custom Skype virtual office background that allows unity and professionalism.

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What Are the Best Skype Virtual Backgrounds


The conference room hosts most staff and client meetings in a physical office setting. It's designed with an intention: to present a comfortable, professional environment where people can openly discuss different concepts with few distractions and interruptions. 
In the remote world, this intentional design is missing. People at home have their own offices, designed to fit their interests and styles. While that supports their work comfort, it fails to establish a consistent business-approved approach.
With work-life balance in action, employees see their workspace as an extension of themselves and may not present themselves as they want others to see them. Piles of papers may accrue; they may have cramped quarters. Eclectic posters may adorn the walls.
These are not the visuals to draw people together and entice clients. The solution to the problem is simple: invest in a Skype custom virtual background.
A background delivers the continuity and clean-cut look you want. Don't pick anything. Keep in mind a few recommendations.
Choose something simple and tidy. Don't overwhelm others with details from the background, sticking to classic images of an office with neutral colors.
Can you still have style? Absolutely! Avoid anything glaring or complicated. Don't get silly or neon.
Consider a mock office conference table. You may pick an open room with clean lines and a large desk. Consider an accent wall with artistic tiles in the back for more fashion.

Create Your Branded Office Background

Nothing leaves a better impression on a video meeting than a branded virtual office.

Create your own, branded virtual office background for Microsoft Teams! 

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How To Utilize Them for Your Brand

Branding encompasses several elements. It represents your operations goals, distinguishable qualities, and primary features. The logo symbolizes it to others, but your brand is more than a picture. It's the environment and personality you present to customers.
In thinking about your brand selections, consider several factors. Be sure you include your focus, reliability, and character. Pick a logo and visual that reflects these interests. That consists of an appropriate Skype office background.
By investing in one background for your employees, you bring people into one virtual setting. Piles of laundry disappear, and so do other distractions that pull employees away or detract from your company's professional impression.
It shows an office that avoids things that don't adhere to policy and promotes your visual preferences. It establishes trust and consistency. The background becomes under your control.
Let's face it. Dusty shelves and pop culture phrases probably wouldn't lurk in your physical office setting. You'd tidy it up before letting others walk inside. These negatives deter from your branding image, whereas the positives uplift it. Hence, a virtual background protects and bolsters your company's reputation.
In addition, tag your company logo and name into the background selection. Your signage continually appears during meetings, serving as a reminder of your operations.


Use Virtual Office Anywhere

Portray your company's identity and brand in every outbound video call. Simply select your office background, fill in your information and upload your logo. Explore the most versatile background generator with a wide selection of platforms.

Commercial licensing for multiple users

Functional for all major platforms

Personal Employee Branding

High resolution images with 16:9 aspect ratio.

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How To Add Them to Your Meeting to Make It More Professional

Rely on companies to produce a virtual background that satisfies your mission statement and services. Search through various selections, picking from different styles. Choose something classic like a simple desk with a simple decorated wall. Go more modern with sleek chairs and open space. 
Once you find something that meets your needs, request that the company include your logo and company name as a watermark, serving as a constant reminder of who you are and what you stand for.
Review the proof and ensure it's what you want. Request changes and talk with others to ensure it meets your establishment's mission.
With a company package purchase, receive the downloadable image to send to your group. Make it a part of your organization's platform throughout the workday, anytime people communicate on calls together. 
Companies must unite their teams and provide one message to their clients as the remote world expands. A hodgepodge visual distracts and dissolves efforts to give a branding name. Bring the office conference room back. Define how you want an office to look.
Therefore, businesses should use a Skype virtual background download to maintain a clear focus and vision for their operations. A drop-in image hides personal background and delivers a professional image that matches your branding concept.

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