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3 essential tips on how to manage your time and yourself, working from home - Virtual Office

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Managing your time goes far beyond what it actually seems to be. When planning out your day, you are doing it for yourself, not for anyone else. Incorporating time management into your day, allows you to be far more productive. Here are 3 tips on how to do so and live a happier, healthier lifestyle working from home.

1. Taking breaks An article from The Muse suggests that you should work, intensely, for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute break It may be difficult when first incorporating breaks into your schedule, you may be thinking that working intensely all day with little to no breaks is the answer, were here to tell you that the most effective way to get a productive day at work is done by taking frequent breaks. This will allow your brain to regenerate and be able to focus intensely on and off. Don't forget to take care of yourself in that break too! Have a tea or coffee, a piece of cake or fruit, ensure you relax and prepare to start work again with a clear and peaceful mind.

2. Get started early By starting your day, you allow yourself to get more done throughout the day. As stated in an article posted by Verily Magazine there are four Research-Proven explanations as to why it is worth getting to work earlier; set the tone with a small act of success, whether it be making your bed in the morning or having a bath. Do something small that will go that extra mile to make you feel great. Make more positive decisions, for example, make yourself a healthy breakfast every morning or if you feel as though you won't have time to do so every morning, ensure you prep the night before. Send engaging and effective emails, this can be done by sending emails between 6 - 7 am, emails sent at these hours are more likely to receive a response. Lastly, give your best impression. Be sure to be the one who gets to work at least 10 minutes earlier, although you are requested to be there at a certain time, by putting in the extra effort will go a long way.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” ~Richard Whately

3. Plan your day ahead of time Start your week by setting aside at least half an hour of planning your week ahead. Ensure you plan your day/week in advance. Set aside some time to plan out the week in the best way that suits you. By doing so, it will alleviate any stress you may have in the coming week. Planning ahead will allow you to accomplish your hobbies as well as managing your work hours too. You can even squeeze in a small workout or cook your favourite meal for lunch.


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