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10 Minimalist Zoom Backgrounds You Can Customize

Updated: Sep 5

Distracting backgrounds can undermine credibility and focus during video calls or conferences. Using virtual office backgrounds that look professional without being distracting minimizes visual distractions and makes company representatives look more credible. Discover ten minimalist Zoom backgrounds ready to customize with your company logo.

1. Empty Conference Room

An empty conference room virtual background can give call or video conference participants a sense of having a seat at the table. Most conference room backgrounds offer the option to customize a corporate logo on the walls above tables and chairs. Choose from several styles of conference rooms, such as an empty room with a sleek glass table and ergonomic chairs or a dark table with minimalist gray chairs.

Conference room backgrounds with stylish tables and chairs offset by hanging accents or lamps provide points of visual interest without introducing distractions. Other minimalist conference room backgrounds feature a dark table illuminated by spotlighting with rolling chairs or a display screen over a conference table for a realistic look.

2. Book Shelf

A virtual Zoom background that depicts a bookshelf can offer visual interest without the tidying and selection necessary to prepare the shelving camera. There is no need to focus on shelf contents when you use a background with one or more bookshelves.

Choose a background that presents wooden shelves with natural accents in the form of green plants. Zoom Virtual Office backgrounds with side views of bookshelves offer minimal distractions. Organized and well-decorated shelving contributes toward the look of a polished office environment.

3. Simple Desk

A desk background gives an impression of getting down to business. Choose from virtual backgrounds that feature a desk with one or more chairs. The Boston-branded office background features a floating wood desk and wooden chair offset by a distressed blue wall and cactus plant.

Other simple desk backgrounds feature two or more chairs or shelving. When you want to emphasize your professionalism in video calls or meetings, backgrounds that feature a desk and options for displaying a custom corporate logo have minimal distractions.

4. Blurred Lobby

Give the impression of a busy corporate environment by selecting a blurred lobby background. This virtual background evokes a sense of being in a shared space rather than sequestered in an office or conference room.

A blur effect creates a lack of specificity that can be desirable for maintaining the focus of other participants in a video call or virtual meeting. Options for customizing this type of background by adding a corporate logo are also available.

5. Apartment

An apartment-themed background can be a more casual alternative to office backgrounds. A more personal-looking environment can be desirable for some calls and meetings. Using this type of minimalist background is an easy way to preserve the anonymity of your actual residence and get around the need to stage your natural living space.

Apartment backgrounds may feature comfortable furniture and points of visual interest such as curtains, plants, or knick-knacks to give the impression of a homey environment without unnecessary distractions.

6. Office

A customizable Zoom background that resembles a workspace is among the most popular minimalist designs. Virtual office spaces range from work areas with desks to conference rooms and lobbies. You can also select an office environment with a plain wall backdrop to eliminate all distractions.

Choose your preferred office room perspective. Various office-themed backgrounds feature different ways to display a custom logo on accent walls or displays. Whether you prefer a spare or an inviting background, you can select an office design that corresponds to the culture or values of your company.

7. Minimalist Room

Some video calls or meetings can be more effective in the most minimalistic environment. Choose a room design based on the background wall color, logo display location, and any visible features or furniture.

The most basic virtual room backgrounds feature a backdrop wall. A basic background with a white brick wall background, space for a logo on the upper right, wood floors, and large windows with nondescript exterior views eliminates most visual distractions.

8. Modern Panoramic Office

A panoramic office is one of the most appealing customizable Zoom backgrounds. This background offers more visual interest than a bare room and looks more professional than an apartment background while being minimalist enough to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Give your company a professional presentation with a design that features stylish furniture and a panoramic view. A wide view of virtual office surroundings that encompasses an exterior view can evoke impressive office real estate.

9. Brick Wall

Brick walls have associations of stability. Several virtual backgrounds prominently feature brick walls, including a minimalist background with a white brick wall and other colors of brick backdrops, including red bricks, that include furniture elements.

Factor in the colors of your logo when selecting a brick backdrop. A red brick backdrop could make logos with similar color tones less likely to pop, while white bricks can emphasize any logo.

10. City View

The view of a city skyline can impart a cosmopolitan air to your company. City backgrounds can evoke a large customer base without introducing visual distractions. Backgrounds that include window dressing, such as blinds or curtains, can keep outdoor scenery from drawing attention away from your presentation in a virtual office environment.

Choose from a minimalist interior with dark walls, light floors, and large windows that portray an urban landscape. Another background with a designer conference table depicts a saturated city background. Another approach to a city view captures the facade of a nearby building. This background design can keep viewers from getting distracted by trying to identify your location based on visible landmarks.

These ten minimalistic backgrounds work for Zoom and can be used in video calls, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet meetings. No matter what platform your company uses for video calls or meetings, a well-chosen Zoom Virtual Office background can keep the focus on presenters.

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