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Everything You Need To Know About The Microsoft Teams Performance Upgrade

Updated: May 16

In a world of remote work and long-distance collaboration, Microsoft Teams has emerged as an essential tool for companies worldwide. Teams allow workers to post items and links, chat with individuals or groups, and hold video conference calls with one program. Recently, Microsoft set out on a mission to improve the app for all users. So how will this Microsoft Teams update affect you?

When Is the Microsoft Teams Performance Upgrade Happening?

With a performance upgrade on the way, you may wonder when you'll see changes. The answer is that you have already seen some of them. Microsoft started planning for significant improvements back in June 2020. Since then, the company has released several updates that improve rendering times for different pages and video calls.

The fully-revamped Teams client is being slowly rolled out to different users. So far, it's available for a few private accounts with business and school accounts to get access later.

What Will Change in Teams?

The significant benefit of the planned upgrade is performance. Microsoft Teams started as a simple messaging app and has grown significantly since then. As it has gained more features, it has used more energy and memory on computers, slowing down the user experience. The upgrades are meant to address those usability issues.

Expect a smoother experience when messaging others in Teams. Reports show scrolling through your chat lists will be significantly faster. It will also be faster to compose a new message and switch between channels in the app.

The changes are also aimed at the video calling tool. Switching from mute to unmute will be faster in calls, making it easier to share a thought you may have during a meeting quickly. The lag time during video calls should also be reduced. This will mean smoother and more natural feeling meetings in the future.

The heart of the changes to Microsoft Teams is how the app will use resources in the future. Many current users report that having the app open drains the CPU leading to other programs being slower. The new Teams app is rebuilt to need less memory to run, freeing up your computer's resources.

Users will also hopefully use less energy. Some people have reported seeing their laptop battery nearly run out because of Microsoft Teams video calls. With the performance upgrade, expect less power to be needed for video meetings, allowing workers more freedom to join meetings from remote locations while on the go.

There will also be a feature that allows Teams users to use the app to communicate with people who don't have Teams by using short SMS messages. This means a contact doesn't have to know how to use Microsoft Teams to be integrated into your Teams workflow.

One significant upgrade you can take advantage of now is the availability of Teams in the Microsoft Store. This allows Windows 10 users an easier way to download and install the app for personal or work accounts.

How To Make the Most of New Teams Features

While you wait for the complete Team's performance update to be available to everyone, there are some more minor updates you can use right now. Let's start with your video settings. Microsoft has rolled out new video filters. One gives your video a smoother look with a soft-focus feature. The other helps accommodate the poor lighting in the area of your video call.

A new video tool also lets you assemble all the participants in a predetermined scene. If everyone uses the desktop app, the meeting host can select "together mode" and put everyone's images on a background that evokes a particular setting, like a conference room. This is a great way to break up the monotony of meetings or create a sense of togetherness.

There are a lot more Microsoft Teams features to try. One lets you decide how your screen will be mirrored while presenting on a video call. Sometimes, if you need to show a visual aid with text, the text can appear flipped to your audience. This new tool allows you to correct this, so your message is always evident.

You can also multitask better than ever in Teams with multi-window support. Imagine you are in a video call and want to have a separate chat with one of the other participants. Now you can do it. The multi-window support lets you pop out a chat or call into a new window so you can take a closer look at it while not leaving your main call or meeting.

Make Sure Your App Is Updated

To get the most out of Teams, you will need to ensure you have the latest version available for your computer. Check for available updates by going to the settings menu and checking for updates. Your Teams app should update automatically, but if for some reason yours has not, you can apply any available updates. The web app is constantly upgraded to the latest features.

Remember that Microsoft rolls out new features regularly, so always check for what's new. When new upgrades become available, you may discover how to use Microsoft Teams in new ways and eliminate the need for some other programs.

Microsoft Teams has proven to be a great platform in the changing landscape of business and remote work, and it will continue to be an essential tool for companies around the globe. As it evolves, your workflow can also open you up to new opportunities. Start exploring what Teams can do and how it can add convenience to your team's work processes.

Start exploring how you can customize your staff's experience in Teams, with unique settings that fit your needs, custom groups and channels that enhance communication, and branded video call backgrounds that create unity among your workers. Embracing all the options Microsoft Teams offers you will make your business more substantial and more agile in the future.


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