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Looks Matter - Why your attendees' appearance makes a big difference - Virtual Office

Hosting a virtual conference? Looking to create a more immersive experience for your attendees? Learn how to help them look, and feel better during your virtual event.

You've just launched your virtual event, on which you've been working on for the past few weeks. Your attendees are pouring in and your speakers are interesting, exciting, and engaging. Everything is going great, but something just doesn't feel right. It's difficult to recreate that feeling of walking around at an event, checking out different venues, and meeting new people. It might seem like a long time ago, but we once went to events and actually gathered together. But today, that feeling is lost - we can't be in the same room.

virtual conferences on Zoom
How virtual conferences look like today

You know the drill - "There's no second chance to make a first impression". First impressions are more than just moments; they can affect a company in sales, marketing, hiring, and basically every other aspect of the business. Similar to real life, how you look matters, even if you're sitting in your home office. Your event's attendees feel exactly the same - so why let them?

Think about it - whenever you arrive at a conference, the first thing you do (after sneaking some free food) is registering at the reception. You would usually receive a bag that contains a map of the conference, an itinerary, some sponsor swag, and a name tag. These name tags aren't handed out just for you to show them off on your office wall; name tags help other attendees approach you, understand where you work and what you do, and create a more professional and open atmosphere between you and the people you meet.

Your attendees are expecting the same feeling when they join your event, be it virtual or real-life. So, what can you do?

We've gathered three different options that will help you and your attendees come a little bit closer during these turbulent times.

1. Create food breaks

Live conferences
Let people mingle, food, and drinks are highly recommended

Food and drinks are a fundamental part of conferences - keeping energy levels up, allowing for conversations to start, and more. Sending your attendees gift cards for Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash and other food delivery services can help keep participants engaged. Scheduling food and drink time helps in keeping your attendees connected and allows for crucial mingling time.

2. Send virtual swag

Gifts for a virtual conferences
Digital Swag - Don't leave empty-handed!

Let's be honest, 50% of the fun of going to a conference is to see how many notebooks, stress balls, and fidget cubes you can gather. There's no reason that the same fun can't be had in the virtual world - you just need to digitize that swag. Animated stickers, virtual gift cards, and ebooks are all great examples of e-swag. Just keep in mind - your swag is a reflection of your brand, so invest time and effort into getting it done right.

3. Create a personalized virtual background Help your attendees recreate that feeling of excitement when they join your event by supplying them with a personally branded virtual background, containing their name, title, company logo, and contact information. A personal virtual background will not only help your attendees connect with each other, but will also vastly improve the appearance of your event, creating a unified setting.

personalized virtual background
Branded virtual backgrounds are a great way to enhance appearance.

At VirtualOffice, we understand the importance of your attendees' appearance and can help you take your virtual event to the next level. Create a branded virtual background for your attendees to use and distribute in seconds. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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