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Create Branded Virtual Office Backgrounds

Nothing leaves a better impression on a video meeting than a branded virtual office.

Create your own, branded virtual background for Zoom, Teams, Skype and more!.

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Portray your company's identity and brand in every outbound video call. Simply select your office, fill in your information and upload your logo.

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Zoom calls have spiked in popularity in recent years. It’s easy to see why — they offer a convenient and easy way to communicate face-to-face without actually being face-to-face. Zoom is now a practically ubiquitous part of business culture, which has led to a series of viral mishaps. Some of these incidents involve unintentionally unmuted mics, while others involve embarrassing events transpiring in the background of a caller’s frame. The latter is a particularly humiliating problem, but it’s not uncommon, and it’s inspired the creation of virtual office backgrounds. A free virtual office background can conceal your setting and offer the privacy you need to conduct business effectively.

What Is a Virtual Office Background?

A Zoon virtual office background is an application that allows users to replace the background which would usually appear behind them — typically a wall or the surroundings of a room — with a neutral image that is professional and polished. This can give the appearance that you are in a location such as an office or board room regardless of where you are located.

These benefits are just part of the appeal of a virtual office background. Users will also enjoy the versatility that such a background offers. You can change your image at any time, switching between settings and creating the environment that’s best suited to a call. Creating a virtual office Zoom background allows you to eliminate any appearance of unprofessionalism, even if you’re working from home!

Why Your Company Should Be Using Them

How can companies benefit from the use of a free virtual office background? There are many benefits, but perhaps the greatest is the consistent branding that a custom background can provide. If you offer a standardized company background for all staff members to use on business calls, you create a sense of consistency that mimics an in-person meeting experience.

This is an attractive benefit for many companies that want to establish a corporate aesthetic without office meetings. Virtual office backgrounds can be customized to feature a photo of your company building or embellishment with your company logo. In addition to this, a free virtual office background allows your staff members who are working from home to maintain a professional appearance, too.

How Do You Create a Branded Background for Your Team?

Creating a Zoom virtual office background is easy. You can find a virtual office image that appeals to you and remove the watermark or add your customized features — including the custom addition of your company’s logo. The logo should be in JPG or PNG format, and it should feature a transparent background so that it can easily be applied to the office image.

With your branded background in hand, you can use it in a Zoom meeting by enabling virtual backgrounds in your Zoom account. This can be done from the Account Settings link in Account Management. Zoom recommends that users use a green screen for the best results, but it isn’t required.

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