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Stand Out from the Crowd

Portray your company's identity and brand in every outbound video call. Simply select your office background, fill in your information and upload your logo. Explore the most versatile background generator with a wide selection of platforms.

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What You Get


The virtual backgrounds are designed to provide a premium look and feel, with high-quality graphics that make it easy to create an impression of professionalism in your virtual meetings.


With virtual backgrounds for remote meetings, you can choose from a range of different themes to suit your needs, including professional office spaces, outdoor scenery, and cityscapes.


Our virtual backgrounds are also designed to be user-friendly, they are compatible with most major video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Teams, Meet, and much more.


At Virtual Office, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer support to our clients. We make it our mission to listen to and respond to all feedback, ensuring that our customers always feel heard and valued. 

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Upload your logo

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Personally branded

High resolution images

16:9 aspect ratio

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High resolution images

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Introducing our Themed Backgrounds

With our new themed backgrounds you can be prepared for any meeting on any occasion. Impress your clients and coworkers with seasonal, holiday, and themed backgrounds. Whether its Christmas, Halloween, or a cold snowy day – you can choose from a variety of backgrounds to stay in season!

Fall & Halloween Backgrounds

Winter & Christmas Backgrounds