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15 Zoom Backgrounds That Make You Look Like You're in an Office

Finding the right office background for Zoom is easier than ever. With thousands of images available for download, you don't have to stick to boring photos. Instead, check out these 15 polished, intriguing virtual backgrounds for your next online meeting.

1. Bangkok

If you love monochrome and modern sensibilities, consider the Bangkok background. The limited color scheme ensures you stand out and limits distractions to your fellow callers. Sleek and formal, this picture-perfect office image creates an authoritative aura without appearing harsh.

2. Brooklyn

Cheery and light without being flippant, the Brooklyn office background provides a welcoming image for online callers. The exposed brick and hardwood floors add rustic charm to the graphic, while the glass table and comfortable office chairs imply you mean business. The back wall can perfectly showcase your company name and logo while retaining a natural look.

3. Dallas

This background sports a smaller space, creating a more intimate setting. The predominately gray tone creates a muted image, allowing you to pop in the foreground. Despite the unsaturated hues, Dallas is still pleasing to the eye due to artfully placed yellow, green, and blue splashes. Choose this background for one-on-one meetings to project a quiet atmosphere.

4. Denver

Spotlighting your logo is a great branding tactic, as it ensures your audience closely associates you with the company you represent. Denver provides a blank black slate where your logo can shine. The image's white framing makes logos impossible to miss while conveying a modern sentiment.

5. Dublin

Midcentury modern is a popular design style for its functionality and comfort. The Dublin Zoom background office elevates these qualities into a friendly, bright meeting space. From the hardwood floors to the cheerily burning fireplace, this image invites your audience to make themselves at home, putting clients at ease.

6. Lisbon

Lisbon is an excellent background for collaborative meetings, offering ample, open space with plenty of light. Fellow employees may expect someone to walk behind you anytime, as the area looks well-used and cared for. Small details add a lived-in feeling that many virtual offices lack:

  • Texture on the concrete pillars

  • Framed abstract art

  • A television screen

  • A container of pencils

7. London

When the stakes are high, consider the London virtual background. Set in a conference room, this image brooks no argument and implies you're ready to discuss matters of great import. Glimpses of the city beyond make the scene more natural, while the bright spotlights emphasize your company's logo.

8. Manchester

For a more casual background, consider the Manchester. With a small dining area and a separate seating space, it feels more like an apartment or hotel room than an office. It's an excellent graphic for laid-back meetings or conversations that require privacy.

9. Manilla

Natural light is highly appealing, even if it's only virtual. The Manilla background fully uses natural light via floor-to-ceiling windows and a white wall along the back. The black accents and lightbulb-like fixtures make the scene look modern and perfect for tech-related meetings.

10. Meeting Room

The quintessential Zoom office background, Meeting Room features intriguing industrial details:

  • Exposed concrete

  • Visible venting

  • Exposed pipes

While these features can feel cold, the upholstered chairs, comfy couch, and green plants make it welcoming. It's an excellent option for a team meeting or other collaborative call.

11. Melbourne

Sometimes, simplicity is the best option. The Melbourne backdrop epitomizes simplicity with its predominantly white color scheme, single table, and minimal accessories. Dark green and blue accents break up the starkness, ensuring the background remains friendly. The scattered papers, visible binders, and open laptop emphasize your dedication to work.

12. New York

The Big Apple is well-known for its busy streets, but this background is serene. Stylish and posed, the New York background is perfect for formal meetings. With your company logo prominently displayed on the white blinds, you can reinforce branding while building rapport.

13. Paris

Another monochrome option, the Paris background makes excellent use of the many shades of gray. White columns form an implied frame while embodying the classical architectural common in the City of Love. You can even spot historic building designs out the window. The result is a backdrop that works for nearly any meeting.

14. Rome

Grayscale is a great color scheme for Zoom backgrounds, as it minimizes distractions and helps you stand out. The Rome image uses grayscale effectively while embracing minimalist design. The result is a clean graphic perfect for professional discussions.

15. Seattle

Stark white is clean and crisp; it sets the stage for any pop of color. The Seattle background takes full advantage of this while strategically breaking up the image with dark gray and black. Choose this background to draw attention during a group discussion.

With the right office Zoom background, you can make a great first impression. Best of all, you have so many options that you can use a new one for each virtual meeting.



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