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20 Professional Office Background Images for Zoom & Easy Steps to Use

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Pick a background image that conveys professionalism and expertise when you want to present yourself as a professional and use Zoom for meetings. Check out these 20 professional office background images for your Zoom calls and learn the easy steps to change your background fast.

Free Backgrounds for Zoom

These backgrounds can be customized with your company’s logo and used for Zoom meetings. Get the free version of Custom Virtual Office to try out some of these sleek backgrounds.

1. Aspen - Give off the appearance of coming right off the ski slopes with the Aspen background. It’s a brick-faced background setting with wooden skis leaning against the wall.

2. Barcelona - Convey Spanish city vibes with this background of a sophisticated conference room all in white. Light and indoor plants complete the look.

3. Berlin - The Berlin background offers a contemporary living room setting. Featuring neutral colors and a modern approach, it will be a great addition to your background.

4. Bogota - With a grey couch, an indoor cactus plant, and wood paneling, the Bogota background is a perfect addition to your Zoom looks.

5. Brooklyn - Brooklyn’s hip atmosphere is represented in this background. Exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and a glass table are included in this setting.

6. Copenhagen - This mix of modern industrial and office is a professional look for your background needs.

7. Dallas - The Dallas background makes you feel right in the middle of this vibrant city in a high-rise office building conference room.

8. Denver - Denver’s background has you right in the middle of the mile-high city in a professional setting.

9. Dubai - The Dubai look gives off a little warmth and class with neutrals and shades that work with any type of meeting.

10. Lisbon - Lisbon’s look features concrete walls, modern floors, and elegant office furniture.

11. London - The London background gives off a vibe of cool and upscale. This look will surely impress your business contacts.

12. Melbourne - Bring the meeting down under with the Melbourne background, showing a cozy office that works with any type of Zoom.

13. Moscow - Moscow background combines stone textures, whitewashed brick, and aqua-blue fabric.

14. Oslo - The background also uses texture to convey sophisticated vibes, greenery, fabric, and linen.

15. Paris - Get a glimpse of the exotic with Paris peeking out from the window in this Zoom background.

16. Seoul - Seoul’s background combines this iconic city skyline with a sleek office setting.

17. Sydney - Sydney’s look meshes color, modern black-silled windows, and shades of white in a cool office room.

18. Tokyo - The simplicity of this office background is front and center, with one plant and chair and clean looks.

19. Toronto - Make decisions with the Toronto background and the city peeking from the windows.

20. Vancouver - The basic background in the Vancouver look is an excellent choice to keep your meeting attendants focused on your message.

How to Set Up a Custom Virtual Background

It’s easy to set up your custom virtual background for Zoom. You can set any of these backgrounds as your default look.

First Step

The first step of creating your custom virtual background is to choose the look you want for your virtual office. You can opt for the premium version to remove the watermark from the image.

Second Step

Next, send in your company info, including your email address. You can also upload an image of your company’s logo to add to your Zoom background.

How to Change Your Zoom Background

If you use Zoom as your virtual meeting platform, you can change up your background to fit the type of meeting. Here’s how to swap out your background on Zoom:

1. Download

First, you need to download the Zoom application onto your computer. Zoom works for both Mac and Windows computers.

2. Open

After downloading, open the Zoom application and log into your account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free Zoom account.

3. Settings

You’ll need to navigate to the settings in Zoom to make changes to the background. Once you log in, click on the gear icon in your screen's upper right corner.

4. Background

Next, select ‘Virtual Background’ in the left-hand menu of the settings option.

5. Upload

In the settings, you can select one of Zoom’s default backgrounds. If you want to use your custom background, click on the + icon to upload your own with your logo.

6. Meeting

Once you start a Zoom meeting, change your background from the video in your space to your custom look. Click the up arrow next to the ‘Stop Video” button. Then, click on ‘Choose Virtual Background’ to activate a different background.

Zoom allows you to switch your background and create a custom look. Use one of the 20 backgrounds above to make your meetings more professional and sophisticated.



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