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5 Ideas for Corporate Volunteer Projects

Updated: Apr 17

Many industry leaders are redefining the role of businesses within the philanthropic world. Is your office ready to commit to donating time or money to a significant cause? Are you interested in establishing moral and financial goals?

There is no longer a great divide between profit and doing good; instead, companies are finding ways to include group volunteer opportunities in the workday, observing significant results in their efforts. If you're ready to commit to making a difference, start a volunteer program today using the following information as a guide.

What Is Corporate Volunteering?

Although people have given time to organizations for years, companies have not always viewed themselves as an essential part of the concept. Employees participated independently, choosing programs that fit their interests and schedule.

Corporate volunteering relies on people choosing to work together from the organization to help out a cause. Staff members collaborate, organize and participate as a team with the company's support. These business volunteer opportunities are not spur-of-the-moment decisions; they are promoted and encouraged by management.

Programs demand planning and encouragement help from those in higher positions. For instance, if the office wants to support a local food drive, an employee or team collaborates to establish a timeframe and drop-off points for collection.

Corporate volunteering is an orchestrated event where people take on responsibilities. Some members may focus on promotions and advertising. Meanwhile, others may assume the task of delivering goods.

However, if one person opts to complete an activity without office support, that doesn't count. That's a personal choice. The individual may feel good, but it doesn't tie back to the business.

Benefits Of Volunteering As a Company

Harvard Business Review notes several benefits to establishing a volunteer platform, such as boosting morale, retention, and productivity. The writers emphasize an intense interest among Millennial employees in seeking offices that focus on societal impact. The younger generation of workers fails to find satisfaction in basic job placement.

These employees want to enjoy their environment and feel good about their company's actions. Creating volunteer opportunities is one way to demonstrate to staff that you care about others and have a cause beyond making money.

Studies show that employers enjoy perks, particularly staff retention rates and mentality. The company gains exposure, broadening its audience and potential clients on the business side. In addition, the connection to helping others builds a robust and moral reputation that tips the hat when people have to choose which establishment to use.

Most interesting, however, is the influence of volunteering on your employee's daily work. Research from the University of Georgia indicates that offices with consistent and well-built programs may find their staff members happier and more attentive.

Community Service Ideas

Are you stuck on what would be best for your crew? Select community service ideas that go along with your point of view. Go back to your company mission statement or think of a cause you love. Then, write out a goal for what you want your employees to accomplish.

The following are five ideas to get you started and engage your team:

  1. Tutor underprivileged youth

  2. Offer pro bono work

  3. Serve meals at a homeless shelter

  4. Put together care packages for soldiers overseas

  5. Sponsor a beach cleanup day

Show enthusiasm and eagerness to improve society, and be sure whatever you select fits your crew's personality and time. Participants should enjoy the opportunity and see that they make a difference to others.

Virtual Volunteering Options

Many people work from home in today's world, making it hard to include everyone in planned in-person events. However, you want to have all employees in your program maximize benefits to you and the organization you support. Therefore, don't forget to offer virtual offerings.

Remote workers may feel isolated. Including them in volunteer activities is one way to build connections and ownership. Ensure that you create options that make others feel part of a team and demonstrate a worthy cause. In other words, people need to see validity in whatever you ask of them.

Pick a platform that others can get behind and that has recognition. Find places that have kits or programs designed for people at home. Use online calls to connect your people and have them do things together.

For instance, many operations currently host digital workshops. You pay a fee, and the organization sends out boxes for people to complete an activity for others. Your team then meets over an online session.

In addition, you could do a letter campaign. Show videos about the cause online, talk about what you're doing, and ask others to write something positive and uplifting to another. You could focus on soldiers, sick children, or those struggling to get by.

Become involved. There are many types of volunteering opportunities. Find one that matches your company's talents and mission. Then, work together as a team to make a difference. Over time, you may find your employees enjoy their work time more and complete additional tasks.


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