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5 Reasons Using a Professional Virtual Background for Interviews Is Important

Updated: May 16

As many jobs, once confined to an in-person status, transition to a virtual setting, the frequency of virtual interviews continues to increase. Even for in-person jobs, it’s increasingly common for employers to schedule a preliminary interview via video call to get to know a candidate and their qualifications. If you have a virtual interview, you might wonder how to prepare — what to wear, what questions to ask, and how to appear professional. A virtual background offers an excellent solution for the latter of these concerns. Learn why it’s an excellent investment for your next virtual interview.

What Your Interview Background Says About You

Interviewers are trained to pay attention to everything. If you were to attend an in-person interview, your interviewer would likely analyze your language choices, body language, and facial expressions. Although a screen separates you and your interviewer, they will still look for details that reveal more about you. One of these details is the background you appear in front of. Is it messy? Clean? You can avoid misinterpreting your surroundings and maintain professionalism using a virtual background.

5 Reasons to Improve Your Background

1. You want to impress your interviewer. Of course, your first concern in an interview should be answering questions satisfactorily and learning more about the job. If you want to go above and beyond and improve your shot at getting the job, you might try to impress your interviewer with a virtual background. Virtual backgrounds demonstrate a level of engagement that many other interviewees likely can’t match. Your interviewer will notice that you’ve put effort into your virtual appearance, and effort is always a positive trait.

2. You don’t want to scramble to clean up constantly. It’s okay to be a messy person. Some evidence suggests that messy people are more intelligent and creative than their cleaner counterparts. Unfortunately, messiness isn’t a valued trait when interviewing for a new position. Indeed, it may give the wrong impression and make an interviewer think you’re unfit for the job. If you’re tired of constantly scrambling to move the mess out of sight, a virtual background makes it, so you don’t have to.

3. You like getting creative with your surroundings. If you enjoy art and graphic design or have other creative hobbies, you might find that your natural surroundings aren’t inspiring enough. You want to enjoy new scenery and explore exciting places online and in real life. You might not be able to catch a jet to the Venice Canals, but you can set it as your virtual background. You can embellish the image with additional details like text, drawings, or an overlay of your company logo. Lean into your creativity to discover your ideal background.

4. It’s super easy to install. You might have seen colleagues with a virtual background assuming that installing is challenging. On the contrary, using a virtual background is a straightforward process. Even if your computer does not meet the minimum requirements established by Zoom or Teams, there are straightforward workarounds you can use that will allow you to install a background of your choosing. Once you understand how to install a virtual background, you can update yours as often as you’d like and customize it however you want.

5. You want to create a sense of brand consistency. If you are an interviewer rather than an interviewee, you know that brand recognition is every company’s goal. When you achieve it, you want to retain it. Your business’s revenue depends on customers’ ability to see, trust, and engage with your brand; imagery is a massive part of this process. This includes motifs commonly used throughout marketing materials, colors used in branding, and — perhaps more importantly — your company’s logo. All of these elements can be integrated into your virtual background so that you reinforce the consistency of your company’s brand every time you log onto a call.

Tips for Making Your Background More Professional

If professionalism is your main objective, there are a few ways you can ensure that your background serves this goal. Rather than using a virtual background as an opportunity to get creative, you should use it as a way to establish neutral surroundings. You might opt for an image of an office, a city skyline, or a boardroom to achieve this effect. Adding elements of your company’s branding will further reinforce a sense of professionalism. Install a virtual background for your next video call and discover how professionalism can make your interviews successful.



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