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6 Modern Ways To Use Your Company Logo in the Digital Age

Your company’s logo is an emblem of its values. It represents the core of your brand and your vision for the future. However, you may wonder how to integrate it into your marketing materials effectively. You don’t want to put it on everything and risk overexposure, but you want to use it frequently enough to establish brand recognition. Find out how you can strike the perfect balance and use your logo in innovative new ways.

Why It’s Important To Use Your Logo

1. Maintain a consistent brand. Nobody likes ordering their favorite meal from a menu, receiving it, and discovering that the recipe has unexpectedly changed. Consistency is essential, especially when it comes to your brand. Use your logo to achieve this by strategically placing it where it will be visible. Think about your social media channels, for example. Does every Instagram post need a logo watermark? Probably not, but your logo should be one of the first things followers see.

2. Craft a brand identity. It’s not enough that your customers will see your brand. You want them to understand it, too. To this end, you should use your logo to reinforce your brand identity. Does your brand focus primarily on helping consumers live healthier lives? Do you sell novelty items that make great gifts? Hone in on your brand’s purpose and use your logo to craft an identity that aligns with this idea.

3. Tell a story to your customers. Stories are one of the most effective tools humans have to relate to each other. They’re also one of the most effective tools for marketing. Your logo should tell customers a story that they won’t soon forget. Think about what the plot would be if your company were a novel. Consider who the characters would be. Crafting a logo that aligns with this narrative will make your brand more relatable to prospective customers — and this will help boost revenue.

Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Logo Virtually

4. Put your logo on your virtual background. You’re probably used to days filled with video calls. You need to talk to clients and colleagues, and Zoom or Teams is often the easiest way to do so. Rather than appear in front of a messy, unprofessional background, you can invest in brand recognition using a background that features your logo. This is a simple and easy way to remind the other party that you’re a representation of your brand and take this role seriously.

5. Wear branded company clothing. If you’re appearing on video calls and Zoom conferences all day, another unique way to integrate your logo is to wear branded attire. For example, a polished-looking, fitted polo shirt allows you to maintain a professional look while keeping your logo in plain view of the other party. This is a great way to subtly remind somebody of your brand without imposing an overbearing image. Just make sure that your company invests in comfortable clothes!

6. Include your logo in email signatures. Including your company logo in an email signature is another way to integrate it into your virtual presence. When you do this, they are reminded of what your brand represents whenever you communicate with somebody. If you have an effective logo — one that communicates your company’s value clearly — this can help build trust among your clients. Ensure that the logo image is appropriately sized when you add it to your email signature, neither too big nor too small.


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