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6 Video and Audio Tips To Nail Your Next Virtual Meeting

Virtual business events have become a norm during the pandemic. Whether you are a digital marketing agency or a real estate company, virtual meetings are necessary.

In Covid times, virtual conferences and business events have become an essential medium for communicating within and outside the organization. Although they provide many benefits, not everyone is able to master the art of virtual meetings in the first go.

Many people around the world are facing issues during their virtual meetings. It is not as easy as it sounds. A majority of the people are new to the idea. They are unable to deal with the technical issues they are facing.

If you are one of these people, do not worry, I have got you covered!

In this article, I have covered tips to nail your next virtual meeting.

Here we go!

Invest In Audio

The essential element in your video conference is the quality of your audio. If people cannot hear you, the value of what you are saying would decline.

The easiest method to enhance your audio quality is to invest in a good quality headphone. Do not rely on the in-built microphones of your laptops.

Headphones block any distracting noises and also improves the quality of your sound. With the help of it, your voice would be loud and clear.

Some of the good models of headphones are:

  • Master and Dynamic MW65

  • Bose Noise Cancelling 700

  • Beats Studio 3

Consider Your Webcam

One of the best qualities of new laptops is that they have built-in webcams, but not all have high-quality webcams. Unfortunately, some have such low resolution preventing clear images.

The meeting will not be smooth if the video seen by other members is not clear. If your video is hazy, it might distract from the meeting agenda.

I would recommend testing your technology before starting a video conference. You can always invest in a separate high-quality webcam.

I would recommend you the following brands:

  • Logitech C920

  • Logitech C310

  • Razer Kiyo

  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

  • Logitech StreamCam

Invest In a Good Internet Connection

During the pandemic 2020, the usage of the internet has doubled. It shows that the quality of the internet connections is paramount.

The most vital elements of a virtual meeting are:

  • A Decent Bandwidth

  • A High-Speed Internet

How would you feel if you present a meeting to your boss and the internet connection shuts down? TERRIBLE Right?

Test your connection by testing the following:

  • Bandwidth is the maximum data transfer rate of an internet connection. The ideal bandwidth for virtual meetings is 3 Mbps.

  • The speed of the internet has the most relevance in virtual meetings. The best internet speed is 25 Mbps.

  • The focus should be on using a wired internet connection instead of wireless. It transfers the data to your laptop without interruption.

Take Care Of The Lightening

There are two types of lights: Natural lights and Artificial lights.

The three types of artificial lights are :

  • Lamps

  • Lamps Based On The Discharge Of Gas

  • Light-Emitting Diodes

Natural light is the best kind of light you can have. You can place your work material near the window or even work outdoors.

Natural light is not always available, making us rely on artificial lights. You have to keep in mind different aspects when considering which light is of best use.

For example, orange and yellow are for relaxing. Colors such as blue and white are for enhanced concentration and give a clear view. Anyway, make sure you have good solid lighting.

Use An Office Background

Your office background plays an essential part in presenting your image. Most people find it difficult to arrange a presentable background in virtual meetings.

Thus, zoom virtual backgrounds play a vital role in helping such people.

Zoom backgrounds are a valuable addition to your virtual meetings. You can change the background required as per your need. It can also help you hide your untidy background. It makes you focus on your work rather than wasting your time on unnecessary things.

Cut Distractions

To nail your virtual meeting, one thing you have to focus on is not to get distracted.

Before you start, ensure that you have turned off the notifications. Set your laptop on ‘do not disturb.’ During the meeting, you do not want your emails or messages appearing on the screen.

I have listed down ways to limit distractions, do the following:

  • Make Usage of Chatbox. The chat feature helps to maintain the flow of your presentation. Asking questions and giving feedback through the chat avoids disturbances.

  • Turn off the Television. Television noise in the background can be a turnoff for the members in a meeting.

  • Turn off or Silent your Mobile Phones. Our phones are never quiet these days due to the use of different apps and internet facilities. The best way to avoid it is by turning it off.

  • Close the Windows. To prevent any noises such as traffic or the neighborhood, you should not open up your windows.

  • Sit in a Furnished Room. Empty rooms tend to produce an echo. Sit in a furnished room as it can mitigate echoes.

Nail Your Next Visual Meeting in a few Simple Steps

Today there are plenty of video conferencing technologies available, such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, Join. Me, GoToMeeting, Skype, BlueJeans, and more.

During these pandemic crises, virtual meetings have flourished, but they can also be a challenge. Do test your technology before starting your conference. Make sure you have the best quality equipment. Don’t forget to limit your background distractions.

I have listed above the best six audio and video tips to look more professional during your next video meeting.

Written by: Myrah Abrar, a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for DynamologicSolutions, Digital Marketing.


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