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Best Online Tools for College Students Heading Back To School

Updated: Jun 11

Are you getting ready to head back to school and trying to get organized? Many organizational apps are available, plus many for entertainment. Selecting the best apps for your needs often depends on personal preference, but several apps fulfill general requirements, like online study tools for college students.

There is an app for everything you can think of, from music to an organization. As you begin your journey back to school and start picking up supplies, there are at least four apps you might want to consider.

1. Spotify

Every college student needs a bit of music to wind down or focus. Spotify is a superior streaming platform, and it is among the most popular and affordable services at the moment.

The best part for college students is getting a discount when signing up. The platform has apps available for both Android and Apple devices.

With Spotify and similar online tools for college students, you can listen to your favorite songs, curate playlists, or listen to existing playlists, such as Lofi Hip Hop Music - Beats to Relax and Study to. With a premium account, you can download music and listen anywhere. Also, you get to listen to ad-free music nonstop. You can play and skip any song, even on mobile.

Spotify, like other apps, collects user data, but it is not to sell or distribute it. Like many apps, the app collects user information to improve the user experience, and based on user reviews, Spotify does an excellent job.

2. Google Calendar

Every student going back to school needs to figure out their schedule, and online tools for college students can help. From planning research papers to scheduling classes, a decent calendar is a must-have for students.

Google Calendar is a free app that doesn't sell user data. While the app collects data, it only does so engineers can improve the user experience.

The app can quickly schedule upcoming events, meetings, and activities. Also, you can set reminders for personal alerts, so you never miss a deadline again.

Finally, the team behind the Google Calendar designed it with teams in mind. You can easily share schedules with others or create team calendars. Additionally, Google has a series of built-in calendars for holidays and other civic or religious days.

The calendar app is a must-have for college students or academics at every level. The app is easy to download and use if you already have a Google account. If you do not have an account, creation is easy and quick.

3. CamScanner

While you might not realize the benefits of a mobile scanner right now, you will when you're in the midst of the academic year, and you need to turn in a lab report online or risk missing a deadline. Mobile scanners are some of the best online learning tools for college students.

CamScanner is a well-known mobile scanner app, and it is popular among college students for its ease of use and numerous benefits. The app automatically recognizes text with optical character recognition, meaning every document you take a picture of immediately becomes searchable.

Additionally, you can share documents with friends and allow comments on different documents. Because of the shareability of CamScanner documents, it is the perfect tool for group research assignments.

Like many applications, CamScanner can sync across all devices once you open an account. The app is a one-time purchase, or you can purchase a premium account which requires a monthly charge.

Because the app works across all your devices, it is easy to read and find research on the fly. You can scan pages from a book and review them later on your computer, where you can make notes and markup the files.

Every college student needs a place and a way to organize information. CamScanner is a versatile mobile scanner and is well worth the investment.

4. Zoom Virtual Office

Zoom is one of the leading virtual meeting platforms. It allows teams to gather over their computer monitors rather than in person. As a college student, virtual meeting places are handy, especially when working remotely.

However, while a virtual environment is terrific, many people feel uncomfortable showing their living space to strangers. With Zoom Virtual Office, you no longer have to worry about leaving yourself exposed.

The app allows you to create and customize personal office backgrounds. The backgrounds place you in a professional surrounding, allowing you to speak from any location without sharing specific details of your space.

You can choose from free office backgrounds or premium backgrounds. Premium backgrounds cost $25 per office background. You can also get a package of 24 office backgrounds for $99.

School requires organization and preparation. Many available apps can help you start this academic year off on the right foot. The four applications listed above offer a decent balance of entertainment, organization, and usefulness. However, the list is not extensive. You might want to consult with your school or an academic advisor to ask about other apps or online tools that might be useful.



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