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How To Create an Email Group in Outlook

Do you find that you consistently send emails to the same group of people? If you have ever asked how to create an email group in Outlook, you understand the benefits of not manually adding email addresses to every email you need to send to the same group. This is how you can increase your email productivity.

Steps To Creating on Windows

Setting up email groups in Outlook depends on whether your computer runs on Windows or a Mac platform. If you use Windows, you need to open Outlook first. Your navigation pane is on the left side of the page. On the bottom of this page is an icon that looks like people, called the People icon. If you don’t see this icon, go to the “Home” tab and select “New Items.” Then, click on “More Items” and “Contact Group.”

You must choose where to save your new group, but consider saving it in the contacts folder. From the top of your software, select the “Home” tab again. Then, click on your “New Contact Group” and change the name so you will recognize the group in the future. Next, add emails to your group by clicking “Add Members.”

Next, you can choose to find names in your address book or Outlook contacts, or you can make new contacts. Your global address book or list may include the email addresses of everyone in your company, while your contact list only contains those you inserted into your contacts. After you pull the email addresses of those you want in your group, click “Save & Close.” Consider sending a test email to make sure your group works properly.

Steps To Creating on Mac

If you don’t work with Windows, you may ask how to create an email group in Outlook on a Mac computer. Again, start by opening Outlook and clicking on the “People” icon at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Click “Home” at the top of your screen, then click “New Contact List.” Find and select the “New Contact Group” button, and wait for the window to open. Create a group name.

Search the navigation bar for an “Add” button and click it. Then, select the email addresses you want to add to your new group. You can include a list of contacts you already set up or choose individual emails. To save your group, click on “Save & Close.” Then, send a test email.

Steps To Creating a Group Online

You can set up a contact group online if you aren’t on a Windows or Mac device but use the Outlook app on other devices. First, open the Outlook app and click on the “Contacts” icon, which looks like people on the left-hand side of the screen. When the screen changes, click the arrow next to the “New contact” navigation. Select “New group” and create a name for your group.

Click “Create” and enter the names or email addresses you want to include in your group. Click “Add.” To find your groups, select the “Menu” icon and go to “Groups” and “Owner.”

Steps To Sending Email to a Contact Group

To send emails to your groups, open Outlook. Then, start a new email message. In the “To” field, type in your group name. Then, fill in your subject and email content and click “Send.”

Outlook Group FAQs

Also, Microsoft has two Outlook groups: Microsoft 365 and Outlook contact group. The Outlook contact groups discussed in this text create a file of addresses you can email simultaneously. The Microsoft 365 group allows your team members to share a mailbox so your team can access every email sent to this one email address.

Now, you can create an email group in Outlook. Test the process and watch your email productivity increase.


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