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Land a Promotion: 5 Ways To Prove You're Ready in a Remote Work Environment

Updated: Jun 25

Remote and hybrid work has become a more common and often desired way to make a living. The flexibility and convenience are immensely appealing to a lot of professionals. However, this new form of interaction can make it tricky when you want a job promotion. You miss out on chances to build a bond with a boss who can help you get ahead. Luckily, there are other ways to prove yourself.

1. Be a Team Player & Asset

The best thing you can do to show you are ready to move up in your organization is to demonstrate your commitment to your team. It can be easy to feel like you are on your own in a remote work situation. You do your work and send it out with less collaboration than an office environment would provide. However, don't accept the idea that you are on your own.

Be fully present in meetings and conversations. This means turning the camera on, no matter how much you don't like it. Actively support your colleagues. If they are working on a project or with a client that you have experience with, offer to point them in the right direction or give advice about things to watch out for.

Being a team player means investing in everyone's success, even when you aren't directly responsible for a task. This will show your supervisor that you can lead and care about the big picture.

2. Create Value Where You Can

Work can be stressful, and it's never enjoyable to put in a ton of extra hours and work that you don't get compensated for to seem like you are valuable. The good news is that there are other ways to bring value to your company without overworking yourself.

Do you have any ideas on ways to streamline processes within the company? You may have an idea to improve training for new staff. Write a quick document that can be shared and added to the organization's resources. Anything that saves time or money adds value.

You can use your network to help the company as well. Keep an ear out for anyone in your circle who may need your company's services. Bringing new clients into the fold is a great way to help the business grow and show that you are ready to move the organization forward. Taking the initiative lets everyone know you are prepared for a promotion.

3. Ask for Feedback

A potential drawback of remote work is difficulty getting feedback. In traditional work environments, it is a lot easier for a supervisor to tell you what they think of your performance at the moment or to quickly pop into your office for a chat about how you are doing and where you could improve. You and your boss have to schedule talks when you work from home, making it a bit harder.

This is an excellent time to be proactive. When you meet with your boss, ask if they have a few minutes to stay on the video call and ask for feedback about your recent performance. Having a specific event or project to reference is good, so you aren't forcing someone to search for something to say.

You can also ask for feedback by asking for help. If there was something that you feel you fell short on, bring it up and ask a colleague what they thought and how they would have done it better. Most importantly, put whatever feedback you get to use, so everyone sees your growth.

4. Develop Strong Relationships

If you want a remote job promotion, treat it less like a remote job and more like an opportunity to find new ways to connect. Your chances of moving up are low if no one feels a strong affinity for you or knows your character.

Regularly reach out to your colleagues and supervisors to build relationships. When it's reasonable, ask to collaborate so people can see how you work and learn to trust you. In other moments, it's good to offer support or encouragement to show everyone that you have their backs.

Keep your communications open to video calls and emails. A phone call or text message can go a long way in connecting.

5. Work Hard

No matter how your work life is set up, there is no substitute for hard work when you want a job promotion. Putting in effort and getting results will be the most significant sign to your team that you are ready for more responsibility. People will notice if you take shortcuts or miss meetings while working from home. Give your job the attention it deserves and do your best every time, without exception.

Working towards a job promotion in a remote setting may feel different, but it can be achieved by showing your value to the company and working hard to support your team. Get started improving your remote work life today and go for the position you want.



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