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Pros & Cons of Using Google Meet for Virtual Meetings

Updated: Apr 8

Remote work is here to stay, which means more people are hosting important business meetings from their home offices, living rooms, kitchens, or even that quiet coffee shop. Video conferencing was already popular among international corporations before homeworking took off, but it's even more common now. Are you looking for the right video calling tools? Many people turn to Google Meet vs. Zoom when it comes to Google. Here's why.

Google Meet Features

Google Meet has a variety of free features. One of the most popular ones is the virtual meeting background, which allows you to create a more professional background when you're conducting a meeting. There are a variety of other free features as well.

  • App Integration: Google Meet integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Office apps.

  • Adjustable Layouts and Screen Settings: Auto settings display the most active content and participants, but you can also change your layout with the click of a button.

  • Compatible Across Devices: Google Meet works on computers, tablets, Android, and Apple devices. You can also join from a Google Next Hub Max.

  • Controls For Meeting Hosts: If you're hosting the meeting, you can pin participants, mute them, or remove them.

  • Live Captioning: Automated live captions provide another way for participants to follow along in meetings.

  • Messaging: Messaging during calls allows you to share files and links without interrupting the speaking person.

  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen with other participants with ease.

  • Unlimited Number of Meetings: Create an unlimited number of meetings with 100 participants each.

  • Video and Audio Preview Screen: After clicking on a meeting link, you'll have time to adjust your video and audio settings before entering the meeting.

Google Meet also offers two different premium pricing plans. Depending on which one you choose, you can receive a range of other benefits, including meeting space for up to 500 participants, meeting recording, intelligent noise cancellation, dial-in phone numbers, polls, attendance reports, and live streaming in-domain up to 100,000 viewers.

Pros of Google Meet

Visual effects for Google Meet are just one of the fantastic advantages of using the application. Like many other Google products, the app has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to set up a meeting quickly and send a link out to people on all types of devices.

The screen sharing option is another excellent feature of the application. All you have to do is click on "present now" to show your audience what you see on your screen. You'll then have the option of showing the entire screen or only one window, and when you're done, click on "stop presenting."

Google is known for its data security, and Google Meet is no different. The application encrypts data in transit for all video meetings and recordings stored in Google Drive. It also adheres to Internet Engineering Task Force security standards.

Cons of Google Meet

As with any application, Google Meet does have some disadvantages as well. One feature that many people feel could be more robust is screen sharing. Currently, the application only allows for sharing one screen at a time. The only way to share more than one piece of information at a time, such as comparing documents or images, is to put them both in side-by-side windows on the same screen and then share the screens.

Compared to other video conferencing applications, Google Meet also lacks additional features. Other applications allow waiting rooms that give the host complete control over when someone joins the meeting. Google Meet also doesn't feature an in-app whiteboard and requires a different application for that feature.

Finally, several essential features, such as video recording, are behind a paywall. While the plans are not badly priced, they only work for people who have frequent meetings. Those who only have occasional meetings will need to decide whether the price is worth it for the extra features.

Customizing Your Google Meet Backgrounds

Customizing your Google Meet backgrounds is easy to do. Before entering your video call, click on "apply visual effects" at the bottom of your self-view. You can then blur the background completely, blur it slightly, use a pre-uploaded background image, or upload your image. You can also add style to your video if you'd like. When choosing a Google Meet background, remember to choose something professional. If possible, use your company's logo as a background. Using a virtual background hides background items such as pets, kids, or household clutter to help you look more professional.

Google Meet offers a robust set of free features that small businesses with few video conferencing calls can take advantage of. Companies that rely on video calls more often may want to shell out for the paid features and customized options. Remember to use a background to maintain professionalism no matter which option you choose!


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Kari Maru
Kari Maru
4 days ago

One of the things I like the most is that Google Meet's interface is simple and user-friendly. Users only need a Google account to join or organize a meeting. Connections NYT

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