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Steps To Make a Branded Zoom Background

Do you feel as if your Zoom background is missing something? Custom virtual backgrounds allow you to turn any image into a backdrop for video calls. Deciding on the most professional option can be difficult with so many choices.

Weaving your company's branding into your Zoom background can make your virtual workspace feel focused and professional, whether you're talking to clients or a supervisor in charge of promotions. If you're in charge of a remote team, handing out personalized backgrounds can foster a cooperative environment even if everyone works from home. Creating custom-branded Zoom backgrounds is easier than you might think.

What Is a Brand Zoom Background

Zoom is a video call platform that is the preferred choice of many top companies. It has various useful features, including changing your video call's background.

Zoom's software automatically distinguishes between your form in the foreground and objects or walls in the background. Then, like a green screen, a custom virtual background lets you fill the space around your head and shoulders with any image you choose.

Branded Zoom backgrounds are still images designed to work well as virtual backgrounds. They often contain your company's logo and may include your name and job title. A good background leaves plenty of negative space around your face and shoulders for an uncluttered and clean effect.

Why Create Brand Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom provides plenty of built-in virtual backgrounds, so why go through the trouble of creating a branded set of your own? There are many benefits to making your custom backgrounds featuring your company's branding.


Making a custom-branded background can separate your professional Zoom calls from social or informal calls. It can also provide flexibility if you have to take a work call outside your dedicated office space.

Team Building

Having the same virtual background across an entire virtual team presents clients and upper management with a trustworthy and unified appearance. It also helps the team members feel like a cohesive unit under the company's branding.


An ideal Zoom call setup places maximum visual emphasis on the speaker's head and shoulders. A well-lit and large personal image leads to better listener engagement. A branding Zoom background can further draw attention to the subject on a video call by de-emphasizing a busy background and providing a subtle visual reminder of the caller's company and job title.

Steps To Creating the Perfect Brand Background

Are you ready to get started creating a strong and professional brand Zoom background? Follow these seven easy steps:

  1. Open your preferred image editing software

  2. Set the resolution of your new image to 1920x1080, the size of Zoom virtual backgrounds

  3. Import your company's logo into the image editing software

  4. Place the logo in the background, either behind your head or in a corner

  5. Optionally, add your name and job title as text along one edge of the background.

  6. Save and download your image at high resolution

  7. Under your Zoom settings, select "Virtual Backgrounds" and upload your branded background image file

Now, you can select your newly customized background whenever you take a professional Zoom call. Virtual backgrounds are a great tool to have in your back pocket when working remotely.

While clean and bright in-person backgrounds can be great professional choices — especially if they involve tasteful accents like plants or books — it's not always possible to be in the ideal location for video calls. Client-facing calls can benefit massively from the additional branding of your company's logo. Making custom-branded Zoom backgrounds only takes a few minutes and can level up your remote business communication.


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