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Top AI Tools To Improve Your Business in 2023

You are responsible for reducing costs and increasing productivity and revenue as a business owner or manager. One way you can do this is by adopting marketing AI tools. These are a few tools you may need to learn about.

Tools That Are for Copywriting

AI copywriting tools are built to mimic natural language. They use machine learning to process data and find patterns. Then, they use natural language processing to compile this data and combine it with computational linguistics, statistics, and deep learning to create text. Machine learning then mimics content that nearly reflects your language patterns.

These tools can produce marketing content, social media posts, and product descriptions. They can optimize text for SEO as well. You can even create entire blogs and emails using these tools. They can be used to produce video scripts and summaries and to rephrase or expand the content.

However, a human copywriter should still review the text to ensure it is clear, detailed, and audience-focused. The tone of voice, topic focus, and nuance should also be reviewed. This professional can blend SEO and human interest into a clear, understandable, comprehensive piece of writing.

Tools That Are for Grammar

If you have written anything professional recently, you know that many grammar AI tools are available today. You can get a general idea about whether your grammar is correct, and these tools even give you suggestions for corrections. These options do not require human input from a professional editor: the proper punctuation, word choice, concision, spelling, and singular-plural agreement.

These tools are easy to use, and many can be accessed for free. They also provide quick results.

Human grammar checkers are also valuable because they can address your specific needs, such as ensuring clarity, accuracy, and flow and correcting grammar and punctuation. These professionals also provide feedback.

Tools That Are for Content Writing

Do you think a computer can write readable, intuitive content? Today’s content writing AI tools are coming close. These tools can be additions to your regular workflow. They can generate text based on parameters you set and optimize it for SEO. These tools are excellent for researching content online about specific topics and processing it into new ideas.

These are great tools for overcoming writer’s block and maximizing productivity. However, these tools should be used for optimization, not replacements for human writers. It can take time for your AI tool to produce natural-sounding content that fits and supports your brand.

In addition, watch for plagiarism when you work with these tools. Because they are compiling data from across the web and reworking it to create text, they can copy other content. A robust plagiarism checker, also automated, can help you avoid these claims.

Tools That Are for Landing Pages

Landing page AI tools help you create landing pages based on a template. They can also build content for your page after you answer a few questions, such as your company name, URL, targeted keywords, and product or company description. They produce personalized landing pages with content and calls to action.

You can build an engaging landing page without coding knowledge in just a few minutes. They are also programmed for optimized conversion. You can quickly and easily edit your text and design with simple keystrokes or drag and drop new images, videos, and other content you want to show up on your landing page.

Some tools even streamline your content creation based on previous content and parameters. You can even view a demonstration of your page before accepting it and posting it online.

Tools That Are for Social Media Management

AI tools have also been developed for managing your social media marketing. You can automate your ads, produce copy that directs your prospects to your landing page, create high-quality videos, and edit audio and video content. These tools have some exciting and useful features.

For example, with one tool, you can record yourself on video. Then, you can change the dialog text, and the AI tool will change the video to match your new transcript. You can create hundreds of videos from one with this human-sounding voiceover option. Some can even produce video content based on the written text for avatars, so you don’t have to be there to shoot the video.

Some tools can also create podcasts that sound like you are using your text. You can schedule posts and monitor their reception across your platforms and website. These tools also have analytics capabilities, so you can see how each post is received by your prospective customers, followers, and audience members.

AI has changed the way many companies do business. These tools can streamline your marketing processes, complete repetitive tasks, create unique content and videos, and improve your productivity and workflow. Consider these benefits as you review the benefits of these tools.

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