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Walking Pads 101: Do You Need This WFH Set Up?

Working from home has some advantages, but it can also have a few drawbacks. For many people, that includes a decrease in physical activity. Placing a walking pad under your desk may help you move more during the workday. Learn everything you need to know about walking pads to see if this is the right setup for your home office. 

What is a Walking Pad?

Before you consider embracing this trend, you need to understand what a walking pad is — and what it isn't. Very similar to a treadmill, these devices are designed for you to walk on. However, they do not support running. 

Another difference between a traditional and a walking pad treadmill is that the latter tends to be much more portable. This is great for home offices where space is a consideration. Simply fold it up or roll it under your desk at the end of your workday without losing floor space. 


Benefits of Buying a Walking Pad for Your WFH Set-Up

The most significant benefit of buying a walking pad is getting some steps in while working. They are also great for watching TV or reading a book. They are perfect for people who can't (or don't want to) sit at a desk all day. With a walking pad under the desk, you can stand up and work instead. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing One

Before you jump in, there are a few things you need to consider. First, the motion of your stride can interfere with some activities. For example, even the best walking pad won't be perfectly conducive to typing or reading pages of text. 

You will also want to consider your available space. If you have a very limited work area, you may be limited in which pad fits. You may also decide that another piece of equipment (even a portable one) is not a good idea. 

Finally, you want to consider your budget. Walking pads are available in a wide price range; unless you already have a standing desk, you'll need to purchase one. That can add up to a substantial sum, so keep that in mind when shopping. 

Great Alternatives to Walking Pads

Walking isn't the best exercise for everyone. If you want to move more while working from home, you have some options, but a walking pad doesn't seem like a good fit. An under-desk pedaling machine or elliptical could be a better option. You can configure a desk and treadmill combo if a walking pad doesn't provide enough speed. On the other hand, you may want to go with a traditional standing desk to avoid sitting for long periods. 

Do You Really Need a Walking Pad When Working from Home?

There are lots of things that can make working from home more comfortable, productive, and easier. A walking pad is one of them. That doesn't necessarily mean you need a walking pad under the desk, but rather that it is an excellent option. You may choose an alternative exercise machine or make a point of walking outside during your lunch hour. Some people also prefer to stop and stretch for five minutes every hour. 

The most important thing is setting up your work-from-home space in the most productive format for your working style. That can include investing in things like a walking pad, a custom virtual meeting background, or an indoor garden to help you stay focused and make your space your own. 


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