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Working During Your Summer Travel? 7 Ways to Stay Productive & Look Professional

Staying productive while working from home is hard enough, but keeping up appearances as you work while traveling adds a whole new dimension to the process. Let's look at why it is so essential to maintain a professional appearance and how you can keep productivity up no matter where life takes you this summer.

Why It's Important to Look Professional

When your employer gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, it's a good idea to always turn in the best work you can. This often means maintaining a professional appearance for co-workers and clients. It lets others know you are focused on their needs and helps them feel valued.

Balancing Travel & Work

Turning your trip into a working vacation can be a great way to balance your personal and professional life. If your job allows for a flexible schedule, you can quickly get work done around other things you have planned for the trip. Plus, you won't need to take vacation time, so you can save that up for when you want to immerse yourself in a destination without sacrificing income.

Ways To Stay Productive & Professional

Try these seven tips to stay productive and look professional when combining work and vacation.

1. Tune Out Distractions

Some remote workers find it practical to use music played through noise-canceling earbuds. This removes background distractions while also helping you feel motivated and upbeat.

2. Focus on Results

Instead of thinking about dedicating a set number of hours to your tasks, try to put the focus on producing results. Checklists are especially helpful in keeping you on track. They give you a clear visual representation of what needs to be done and what has already been completed.

3. Establish a Work Schedule

It is usually helpful to set a work schedule for the trip. Seek input from family members about when they are most willing to do things without you, and then try to work around that. Additionally, sharing the times you will be "in the office" with everyone is essential, so they know when to leave you alone.

4. Set Up a Dedicated Workspace

Working on vacation requires some balance, and having a dedicated space to spread work material can help you feel more present at your job. Coupled with a virtual background, it also provides a more professional appearance for any video calls during your day.

5. Leave Time for Breaks

All work and no play is no way to spend a vacation, and it certainly won't make you more productive. When setting up your work schedule, leave plenty of time for breaks. These can be five-minute stretch sessions or five-hour blocks to visit a nearby attraction. Either way, you'll return to your work recharged and better able to focus.

6. Turn Off Tech Devices

A cell phone constantly pinging in the background with pictures of your family relaxing at the pool will not boost productivity. Instead, it will likely cause frustration and keep you at work longer. It is a good idea to turn off notifications on tech devices and stash them out of sight while you are working.

7. Make the Most of Mornings

Maximize working hours by diving right in first thing in the morning when you are in a hotel or vacation rental. This lets you clear critical items off your plate bef

ore everyone else gets up and starts moving around in the background.

When done correctly, working while on vacation can help you keep a healthy balance between your career and family life. Some excellent strategies to stay productive are maintaining a professional appearance with a dedicated workspace and virtual background, establishing a schedule that allows for breaks, and removing distractions.


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