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Zoom Immersive View

Sit in a virtual office (or a virtual meeting room) with all your meeting participants.

Zoom Immersive View
Image: Zoom

Zoom just released the new virtual background feature - Immersive View that would help us feel a bit closer in our virtual meetings. Zoom announced Immersive View at the last Zoomtopia conference and released it now for pro and free accounts in meetings with 25 participants or less. If you have more than 25 people in the meeting, additional participants are displayed in a thumbnail strip on the top of the scene.

Immersive View might be the next generation of virtual backgrounds. Now meeting attendees can all be together in the same location, rather than in small squares with different backgrounds.

How do you enable Zoom Immersive View?

First, of all, you will need to make sure you have the most updated version of zoom and enable the Immersive View feature. Go to:

  1. Zoom web portal

  2. Settings

  3. Meeting

  4. In Meeting (Advanced)

  5. Enable Immersive View

The meeting hosts can enable Immersive View from the top right corner in the same menu where you can select Gallery View and Speaker View. When enabling Immersive View, the host will have the option to manually place participants into a virtual scene of their choosing or to let Zoom do that automatically. Hosts can also easily move participants around and resize a participant’s image if needed.

Zoom Immersive View background
Image: Zoom

What scenes are available as an Immersive View background?

Zoom provided a few general scenes for you to start with and they also enable the option for you to upload your own virtual background. As a host, you can use your video as an Immersive View scene and have all the participants in your personal virtual background.

To change the Immersive View scene

  1. Click View (top right corner)

  2. Change Immersive View

  3. Choose a new scene

  4. Start

To upload your own Immersive View scene

  1. Click View (top right corner)

  2. Change Immersive View

  3. Click +

  4. Select your virtual background and click open

  5. Start

  6. Drag & resize participants in needed

Zoom Immersive View classroom
Image: Zoom

For more information about the Immersive View feature, check out the Zoom help center.


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