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10 Ways To Show Appreciation for Summer Interns

Updated: May 14

June rolls around, and colleges break for the summer. Some kids head home, ready to devour mom and dad's pantry and take advantage of free laundry. Others seek a job opportunity, hoping to use the warmer months to bolster their skills and resume.

These volunteers give you extra hands and eyes, helping your crew accomplish work and reducing your stress loads. When August comes around, don't forget that effort. Show appreciation for their hard work with intern appreciation thank you gifts and letters. Understand the value of treating these team members well and showing gratitude.

Why It's Important To Give Interns a Good Experience

Turnover remains high among many companies, with employees consistently moving from place to place. According to a 2021 Forbes magazine article, frequent staff change has cost American companies as much as $1 trillion. People aren't staying; instead, they are on the hunt to find a place that provides a welcoming and satisfying experience, meeting their physical and emotional needs. New hires require time and money, forcing management to interview and train repeatedly.

Interns are potential future staff members who deliver energy and fresh-out-of-college training to the office. Help them feel comfortable builds your business's reputation, encourages long-term relationships, and motivates work effort. It's one way to battle the turnover and deliver a ready supply of candidates. Interns learn the ins and outs of your industry and operations. You already know their habits and knowledge; they require less training to get started. Connect with them quickly when vacancies become available.

Extra hands are a good thing; sometimes, you can't afford them. Interns often work for free, asking for recommendations and resume experience. They can take over paperwork or smaller projects, permitting staff to focus on your other needs.

Interns evaluate leadership and projects, determining if it's right for them. You set the stage for whether they speak highly of you and whether they stick to their career. A good experience could lead students to your office for a permanent stay. It also positively discusses your institution with colleges and families in the area.

Great Ways To Show Interns Appreciation Daily

If interns work hard and deliver quality participation, reward them and express your appreciation the entire time. You don't need to barrage them with repeated sayings. Show them. Don't wait until the last week or day to show your gratitude. Say, thank you for interning dedication by allowing these devoted team members to take on more significant roles and gain valuable experience. Don't banish them to coffee and mail details. They want to learn and grow, so give them a chance. Put that effort and knowledge to use.

Let them take on a project that you feel they can handle, or have them introduce a new concept they've learned in their classes. They can sit in on meetings and offer some perspective. Help them develop something for future interviews. Give them tasks so they can create useful tools or materials and document them in a portfolio. Pair up your go-getters with some of your more elite teams, giving them strong mentors and a chance to see projects in action. These relationships could continue, creating additional recommendations.

Sit down and review their progress. Over coffee, share what you love about the interns' contributions and offer to assist with anything confusing them or preventing growth.

Splurge for lunch or breakfast. The little gift is a simple way to perk up the day and acknowledge their work. Leave notes on their desk telling them something positive you observed recently. Grab a sticky and drop it on the computer screen.

How To Thank Interns When They Depart

Unfortunately, interns are short-term. Create a lasting impression and build rapport with that company by demonstrating how you appreciate their time and care. Send them out your doors with a smile and positive thoughts. Write a recommendation letter discussing the interns' contributions and positive traits. Provide a printed copy. Digital secure letters prove helpful as well. Set up an informal meeting where you can provide the letter, say farewell, and review the internship experience. Discuss the qualities you admire about the participants' work ethic and production.

During the discussion, express your desire for continued growth. Provide valuable tips on how the candidate can improve, noting people to reach out to or classes to take.

Have a cake in the lounge where others can offer thanks and reflections. Select trinkets that remind them of their time with you all. Have a small token from the company, such as a business shirt, notepad, and pens.

Start typing that appreciation letter, and think of ways to say thanks. Interns commit their summer to you, easing your burden and gaining valuable experience. Give them a proper farewell, ready to return and take on a permanent job.


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