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8 Business Conferences Worth Attending in 2023

Updated: Jun 25

Whether you're a seasoned professional or fresh from an internship, there are many reasons why you should attend a business conference. Your options are nearly limitless, from in-person networking to seeing a successful peer speak online. You can play it safe by sticking to your field, too. By joining a conference that touches on aspects of a different field, you can learn how other lucrative companies leverage their skills and human resources to capitalize on growth and progress. Here are nine business conferences worth attending in 2023.

1. Marketing

To stay on the cutting edge of this industry, consider attending the B2B North American Summit in Austin, Texas, or online, as this hybrid event will take place June 5 - 7. This conference will help you take time away from your daily responsibilities to focus on the newest research in the field of marketing. With professionals at the top of their fields, you can take away real-world models and advice to help you perfect your marketing strategies for the following year.

2. Event Management

A high-energy and well-rounded event, International Confex will take place in London on March 1st and 2nd. This in-person conference offers a unique experience for event management professionals. It includes a speaker series and an exhibition hall where vendors, venues, and suppliers come together to do face-to-face business with event professionals.

A visitor badge will also get you access to other conferences and trade shows for free. As an in-demand business conference in 2022, next year will enhance your experience as an event management professional and beyond.

3. FinTech

Another conference you can't miss is the Innovate Finance Global Summit in London from April 17 - 18. Financial technology, or FinTech, plays a massive role in how businesses and individuals can operate and impact their communities. This event brings together thousands of the brightest and most driven professionals in financial technology. At this event, you can learn about job opportunities, regulations and regulatory bodies, trends, challenges, and how global FinTech professionals push the industry forward.

4. HealthTech

The Digital Health Summit at CES is happening from January 5 - 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you won't want to miss this meeting. While the event is a more extensive gathering of all things tech-related, the Digital Health aspect of the conference will be precious to anyone interested in how technology is improving healthcare and saving lives. Topics can vary from cloud computing for clients in healthcare to how wearables are helping cut down on costs so that you won't be bored for even a minute.

5. Saas

Software as a service (Saas) is a fast-growing field where you have significant earning potential and the possibility of making a massive impact in the industry. Suppose you're planning on creating a startup Saas business or looking for ways to grow. In that case, the MicroConf event in Denver, Colorado, from 16 - 18 April, is one of the business conferences you must consider attending.

Founded by people just like you, this conference is geared toward assisting small business owners so they can grow like never before. With strategic advice and speeches from inspirational founders in the industry, you will walk away with everything you need to succeed.

6. E-commerce

If you want to meet and network with thousands of e-commerce professionals in a B2B environment, the E-Commerce Berlin Expo is the place for you. In 2023, the event is scheduled for February 23 and will feature hundreds of exhibition booths with the most forward-thinking professionals in the industry. New partnerships are forged at this international, super-star event every year, so you should plan on attending.

7. Higher Education

There are countless Higher Education conferences, but you can't go wrong with the Leadership in Higher Education event in Orlando, Florida, from October 12 - 14. With wide-ranging topics that leaders need to be comfortable with, this conference sets a high standard for professional development in education. You will walk away with many new contacts from networking and a more developed understanding of the challenges and potential in your field.

8. Travel

If you're looking for a way to meet other travel bloggers, the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) North American event is your premier conference. Scheduled for July 19 - 20 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with optional events before and after the main conference days, this one-of-a-kind event connects writers and content creators who love travel with industry professionals, brands, and peers from across the country. There are thousands of attendees yearly, so you know you will have ample opportunities to network.

Whether you want to learn how to grow your business or gain exposure to new clients and partnerships, the benefits of attending business conferences are endless.



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