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8 CEO Office Backgrounds for Zoom

Updated: Mar 22

The best CEO office backgrounds communicate authority. If you work from home, you may prefer a virtual image to your actual office to better control your presentation. The following eight backgrounds are great options for any CEO who frequently hosts online meetings.

1. Bangkok

The Bangkok background is professional and chic, using monochrome to create a neutral image that makes the speaker stand out. Glass and metal accents add a modern touch, making it an excellent choice for CEOs of tech and digital marketing industries. The logo placement is prominent enough to be easily read without being distracting.

2. Denver

Nothing says "powerful," like a gorgeous city view from a skyscraper. The Denver background sports a realistic-looking cityscape in the right third of the image, allowing your audience to enjoy the view without getting overwhelmed. The remainder of the visual is primarily black with white and gray to add dimension.

3. New York

New York makes a great CEO office background for Zoom due to its lived-in feeling. The leather furniture looks comfortable and welcoming; the desk and coffee table sport a few items that make the room feel used without seeming cluttered. The shelves behind the desk hold a mix of potentially useful objects and decorative items, giving the space a unique personality. Finally, the touch of yellow and beige brings warmth to the image, making the room a pleasant place to pass the time.

4. Rome

If you want a simple virtual office, Rome has you covered. This image is predominately gray with touches of wood to provide warmth. The light from the back window creates a light and breezy atmosphere, while the glow from the standing lamp ensures the space doesn't feel too cold. With a minimalist desk and chairs, you don't have to worry about clutter distracting your clients.

5. Skyline

Skyline is predominantly white, creating a neutral background that is guaranteed to complement any outfit you choose. The logo placement is out of the way yet clearly visible, which is perfect for branding.

The left third of the image features a window looking out on an urban skyline. The pops of color offer warmth and a sense of sitting on top of the world.

6. Seattle

Seattle is perfect for a CEO office Zoom background with a monochrome color palette. The image is almost entirely shades of the following:

  • White

  • Black

  • Gray

Two plants add tiny touches of green to give the space life and ensure it feels natural. The logo placement is prominent while fitting seamlessly into the background. Two desks imply the workplace is busy, and your audience can easily expect to see employees walking by at any moment.

7. Startup

The Startup background provides a more intimate and casual setting. Rather than showcasing a massive desk, the image sports a simple table with four similar chairs, implying that you meet your audience equally. A large potted tree in the far left of the background adds life to the space and complements the natural light from the back window. Finally, the numerous books in the background provide engaging visuals while creating an atmosphere of studiousness and curiosity.

8. Paris

Paris has a unique background due to its right-third window. Rather than looking out over a generic cityscape, you can see historical architecture. It provides an exciting contrast to the interior, which features a distinctly modern design with a color palette of white and gray. The variety of textures makes the background feel natural and welcoming.

Using a suitable Zoom background CEO office background makes a huge difference in how clients perceive you. Fortunately, the variety of virtual backgrounds makes it easy to take control of your image.


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