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8 Holiday & Christmas Virtual Backgrounds for Your Meetings This Season

Seasonal backgrounds are a fun way to express yourself when working remotely. Why not spruce up your virtual meetings during the holidays with a cheery Christmas- or winter-themed background image? Of course, the picture must have the proper format to ensure it looks pristine and professional. The following eight backgrounds are excellent options you can customize for a top-quality branded backdrop.

1. A Frosty Home

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing in a cozy cabin surrounded by serene, snow-covered woods? You can make this fantasy a reality with the "A Frost Home" background.

This picture showcases two comfortable chairs and cozy pillows with a neat, wooden coffee table in between. Two lanterns and a handful of candles burn merrily, their warmth contrasting with the landscape outside.

The home's interior is a calming beige with wood accents and a wooden floor, creating an elegant yet casual effect. A plant rises from a glass vase on the far left side of the picture, and two windows frame winter-darkened trees growing from fresh snowbanks. A wood-framed whiteboard rests at the center of the image, posed to hold your company logo.

2. Christmas Night

This "Christmas Night," a few employees work late at the front desk, ready to welcome last-minute visitors. White marble adorns the spacious lobby, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. An earth-toned rug designates a comfy waiting area with armchairs, sofas, and coffee tables with floral arrangements between them. At the center rises a massive Christmas tree decorated in red and gold, a beautiful star gleaming at the apex.

The floor-to-ceiling windows reveal a wintery cityscape outside, with skyscrapers rising in the background. A frame hangs in a place of honor above the front desk, proudly proclaiming your company's name.

3. Company Christmas

"Company Christmas" offers a similar view to a business lobby, but the light is brighter and reminiscent of the morning. This snapshot captures the moments before the first employee arrives, the decor waiting eagerly to greet workers and guests with cheer.

The modern decor of this picture stands out as professional and welcoming:

  • Stone floor tiles

  • Metal accents

  • White walls

  • Clean lines

Wreaths and Christmas trees make the open space seem festive and draw viewers' attention, particularly the largest tree decorated with pale baubles and a white-and-red ribbon. The red leather furniture contributes a jolly sensibility to the scene and contrasts nicely with the white wonderland beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows. The upper right corner offers the perfect space for your logo.

4. Cozy Christmas

"Cozy Christmas" is the perfect option if you prefer something simple. The white walls and wood floors offer a pristine backdrop for remote meetings and can beautifully showcase your company's logo. A red chair and an abundantly decorated Christmas tree provide variation, while an artfully draped window lets in diffused light.

5. Let It Snow

"Let It Snow" is an ideal background for minimalists. The white walls, curtains, and snowy outdoors blur into a dream-like wonderland with few distractions. Your company logo will stand out at the center of the image, framed by house plants and a blush-pink blanket.

6. The Gingerbread House

"The Gingerbread House" showcases a gorgeous winter backdrop through large office windows. A small, fir-like potted plant pays homage to the forest outside and complements the teal chairs. Wooden accents and flooring warm up the space, while a white fur rug adds a touch of luxury.

A modern floor lamp illuminates the background's right side, making the nearby wood table gleam. Your logo can hang on the back wall like a framed portrait, ensuring video conference attendees can see it.

7. Urban Holidays

If you love winter in the city, "Urban Holidays" is a great seasonal background. The image evokes a highrise apartment with gray brick walls and metal accents. A soft white rug and cozy couch add softness to this industrial haven, while a table lamp and Christmas lights produce a warm, golden glow.

A neat desk rests against a window overlooking the snow-covered city below, the white sky promising more snowfall to come. Two Christmas trees add merry touches of greenery, and the scattered belongings give the space a lived-in feel. A blank brick wall area is perfect for your logo, as it's part of the decor.

8. Winter Morning

"Winter Morning" keeps things simple, with a small window showing a snowy mountain beyond. In the foreground, an office plant flourishes beside a smooth, gray wall perfect for displaying your company logo. To the far right, a hallway with a concrete wall leads out of sight, light pouring through an open door beyond.

Your Zoom background is integral to your impression on clients, vendors, and business partners. A jolly, seasonal image and prominent logo go a long way to ensuring it's good.


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