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Should You Use Microsoft Teams New Animated Meeting Backgrounds?

Microsoft is slated to release animated backgrounds for Teams meetings in June 2023. Dynamic backgrounds can make your video calls and conferences more engaging, but thoughtful design is necessary to ensure that moving backgrounds do not introduce unwanted distractions. Learn more about recent and upcoming Teams updates to decide whether you want to use animated backgrounds or try different approaches to customize your Teams backgrounds.

What’s New with Microsoft Teams

The virtual background feature of Teams is getting its first significant upgrades since 2020. In April 2023, Microsoft announced an integration with Snap’s Camera Kit to add augmented reality effects to video calls without needing a separate add-on. Over 20 popular Snapchat Lenses are now available to Teams users worldwide. In early May, Microsoft introduced a new collection of still virtual backgrounds for Teams. Animated backgrounds are expected to become available to Teams users in June.

While Zoom has supported animated backgrounds for years, this feature is debuting on Microsoft Teams this summer. Some Teams users created workarounds to display GIF files as background images, but Microsoft will soon officially support dynamic backgrounds. There are also updates planned for the mobile Teams applications, including live caption translation, which is already available to users of the PC and Mac versions.

Animated Backgrounds vs. Regular Virtual Backgrounds

Animated backgrounds can help to keep meeting attendees engaged. Zoom users can play or loop video files up to 2 MB in size in the background of calls. Smaller background files are less likely to cause a drop in video quality. You may prefer an animated background with slow and subtle movement to keep attendees focused on your presentation. It is also important to consider accessibility requirements and avoid backgrounds with more than two flashes per second.

Still, virtual background images available through Teams or Custom Virtual Office make it possible to easily customize your surroundings and choose a professional-looking background that is not distracting and makes it possible to display a brand logo. Regular virtual backgrounds are high-resolution images that do not move and can be a good option when you attend meetings using the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Animated Backgrounds Adding Creativity

It can be a challenge to create a dynamic background that is visually interesting without posing a distraction. As with still backgrounds, it is essential to factor in the focus point of a background design and limit camera movement. It is also a good idea to factor in the color scheme of an animated background, as very light or very dark backgrounds can work against the goal of keeping attendees focused on speakers.

There are many ways to show off your creativity with an animated background. Whether you choose from the new backgrounds made available by Microsoft for Teams users or design your dynamic background, a moving background can effectively stand out during virtual meetings. Look for backgrounds that complement the colors in a business logo or images and aesthetics that correspond to your business or meeting goals.

Other Ways to Get Creative with Your Backgrounds

You can choose from more options to customize still background images. Virtual office backgrounds let you appear in your surroundings and offer a wide selection of color palettes, decor options, and custom logo locations. Premium office backgrounds or packages are some of the best options for creative customization.

Still, backgrounds can seem plain compared to animated backgrounds, but more options are available for creative customization. Your background can suggest the purpose of a meeting and your goals. For instance, a minimalist background can keep attendees focused on you; a conference room background can invite contributions, or a casual background can encourage attendees to relax and focus.

How to Customize Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

You can customize your background in Microsoft Teams with branded virtual office backgrounds by Custom Virtual Office. Choose from free virtual offices inspired by international cities or upgrade to premium backgrounds without watermarks. Add a high-resolution business logo to any still or animated background to present an organization in the best light.


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