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Confidence is key - 3 easy steps to speak confidently in your next online meeting - Virtual Office

One of the most important character traits to have, when in a meeting, is confidence. When speaking to your clients, future investors, whomever they might be, communicating confidently instantly gives a positive impression.

  1. Abolish pre-meeting nerves Commonly, you may be feeling shaky, your stomach might be playing tricks on you, you might start rethinking if you were the right person to handle this meeting. These are totally normal feelings to have. When put in a position of being prejudged and judged in the moments of you speaking, feeling anxious and stressed in the first thing people will normally experience. Instead of viewing your pre-stress and anxiety as a negative response, rather turn it into something positive. Instead, see those feelings as a drive to success, be ready to conquer that meeting and feel prepared to do so.

  2. Being prepared You should always start your preparation for a meeting by establishing the time and place of the meeting, and who you will be having the meeting with. This will ensure you are prompt and ready to start on time. Set a main goal for the meeting, then go on by making sure you come to the meeting with a good agenda. This should include the purpose of the meeting and all the topics which will be addressed throughout the meeting. This will guarantee the meeting will stay focussed.

  3. Knowing your audience By doing prior research as to who your audience is, will allow you to already know how to approach speaking to them. Whether it be making a joke, relating to shared experiences or professionalism. This will automatically alleviate any anxiety or stress you may have been feeling before or during the meeting.

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