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How to use a virtual background on Zoom without the minimal requirements - Virtual Office

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Many people who use Zoom are disappointed by the fact that they can't use a virtual background since their system is not supported by Zoom.

I found a way to bypass this problem, this guide is a bit technical but hopefully by the end of it - you'll be able to use zoom background images on your computer.

This guide is written based on a Macbook air 2013 who's system isn't supported by Zoom.

When trying to use a virtual background on Zoom - this is the picture I got.

zoom background images requirements for virtual backgrounds

So how did I solve it? pretty simple:

Step #1

Download Snap Camera and Lens Studio, Lens studio allows you to create filters for Snap camera & Snapchat. Step #2

Follow this guide that will explain how to create your own filter for Snap Camera.

Snap Camera has better software for the backgrounds than Zoom and therefore you will get a working background, Hurray! Special Thanks to Michael Levy from Kanta who showed me this cool hack!

zoom background images

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