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How to Record a Zoom Meeting: Step by Step

Knowing how to record a Zoom meeting is vital whether you’re a host or a participant. Zoom’s recording feature is a valuable tool. It allows you to keep meeting logs and save critical information for documentation and training purposes. Understanding the proper setup, potential limitations, and step-by-step instructions are key fundamentals to a successful recording.

Prerequisites for Recording

A proper setup is essential when recording a meeting on Zoom. Before you start, you should confirm you have a Zoom account, a stable internet connection, and the latest version of the Zoom app installed on your device. You should also test your equipment to ensure it works properly. Click on your profile picture, select Settings, then check your camera and microphone outputs under the Video and Audio tabs.

Zoom provides two meeting recording options: saving to the cloud or a local device. Before your meeting, you should confirm that you have sufficient disk space on your recording device or Zoom cloud account. If you’re the account owner, you can sign into the Zoom web portal and select Account ManagementReports Cloud Recording. Your available storage appears at the top of the Cloud Recording usage report.

If you’re the host, you can already record meetings. If you’re a participant, the host must permit you to record. The host can grant permission after joining the meeting or designate you as an alternative host. When you start recording, Zoom will present participants with a dialog box informing them of this. By clicking “Continue” to join the meeting, they consent to the recording.

Limitations of Recordings

To know how to record a meeting on Zoom, you must also understand the potential limitations of recording. Some are technical limitations, while others result from regulations and industry standards.

License Limitations

Zoom meetings have maximum participant counts and time lengths. These vary by license type and also impact meeting recordings:

  • Basic: 100 participants, 40 minutes

  • Pro: 100 participants, 30 hours

  • Business: 300 participants, 30 hours

  • Enterprise: 500 participants, 30 hours

Technical Limitations

Several features are unavailable for local devices, including audio transcriptions and iOS or Android app recording. Cloud recordings cannot capture nonverbal feedback or meeting reactions. For security purposes, you cannot embed cloud recordings on websites. You cannot record meetings if your account has added HIPAA security controls.

Steps to Recording a Zoom Meeting

Recording a Zoom meeting is a simple process. After starting your meeting as a host, you need to follow a few easy steps to get started:

  1. Click the Record button at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

  2. Select your desired option for local or cloud recording.

  3. Click the Stop Recording button to end the recording.

Once your recording’s completed, you should verify that it’s been saved. For local recordings, check your device storage. If you record to the cloud, you can check this under the Cloud Recordings menu under Recording Management in the Zoom web portal.

Learning to record a Zoom meeting as a participant requires slightly different instructions. After getting permission from the host, you can click the Record button in your bottom toolbar. Note that you can only record on a desktop or laptop computer and save recordings locally as a participant. You can’t record on a mobile device or save recordings to the cloud unless the host makes you a co-host for a meeting.

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