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How To Choose The Best Office Background for Your Meeting

With the rapid expansion of video conferencing, many companies have begun to adopt new tools. However, while the convenience of these meetings increases, you may lose some of the advantages of in-person meetings. One of those is a professional environment free from distractions. However, by using an office background in your video conferencing software, you can overcome this disadvantage.

Explore Your Options

When you create an office background for Zoom, you have several options. First, you can arrange your physical space for a more professional look. Many people use bookshelves, blank walls, or artwork. Second, you can set up green screens or create physical boards that you move behind your office chair while on video calls.

When you work with a physical background, whether you use what is in your room or build a green screen, make sure you have adequate lighting. Include props, such as plants, books, or artwork, and vivid colors to make your background pop and create a more engaging atmosphere.

You can also choose a virtual background. Most conferencing programs have virtual background and image options. Many sites feature stock backgrounds, including Adobe, Pexels, Unsplash, and Pexels. Conversely, Custom Virtual Office offers customizable backgrounds, allowing you to customize your background with a personalized spot, a custom color scheme, or your company logo.

Match Your Style

Your first task should include defining your audience and the purpose of the call. You may have different backgrounds for different types of calls. For example, you may want to build a professional atmosphere for sales calls, while your conferences with coworkers may be more casual. Match your background style to your personality and the purpose of your call.

Professional Settings

If you seek a professional background, you should make it somewhat minimalistic. The last thing you want is for your audience to become distracted by the items in your background and focus on them rather than what you have to say. Therefore, choose neutral colors. However, avoid patterns.

Choose background items that reflect characteristics you value. For example, you can show a vinyl collection to denote creativity and uniqueness. A view of an office space suggests professionalism and focus. An image of a surreal location can encourage or denote motivation and innovation. Backgrounds that show natural settings also promote creativity and give your audience a relaxed feeling.

You can also choose a solid-colored background or a loose watermarked pattern with your company logo. Start with the personal and professional characteristics and atmosphere you want to convey, and choose your background based on these factors.

Colors & What They Convey

When you create your Zoom office background, use colors intentionally. If you use a virtual background, avoid colors too close to your clothing because it can cause virtual distortions. In addition, consider the implications behind the colors you use.

Warm colors create an atmosphere of energy, passion, and enthusiasm. They can also denote happiness, but red, a hot color, can feel overly aggressive, hinting at danger. In other countries, it can represent prosperity or signify communism. Orange is vibrant and creative and may signify health, while yellow is hopeful, warm, and happy but can also convey cowardice or deceit.

Cool colors build an environment of calm and relaxation. Blue signifies sadness to some, but it typically suggests calmness, friendliness, reliability, peace, and strength. Although many businesses use blues in their design, the shade impacts the meaning and impression of the color. Green, though calming, also suggests a lack of experience in addition to harmony, wealth, and nature, while violet signifies royalty, creativity, and romance.

Consider the messages they convey as you choose the colors in your background. You can select pops of different colors in the color wheel, but do so strategically and without making it overwhelming. The top background colors are wood tones, greys, lighter blue-greens, navy, and creams.

Personalization & Custom Virtual Office Benefits

When you build a strategic virtual office, you can provide yourself and your staff with greater work-life balance, especially without long commutes to the office. Many also find increased productivity in remote work because you can see them when they log in and out and have monitoring capabilities. You also experience greater flexibility because you and your staff can choose the best work hours.

Your corporate culture and collaboration efforts also tend to be greater in personalized virtual offices. When you customize these spaces, you can reduce feelings of isolation and encourage teamwork and team building. You also save on overhead because you do not provide physical office space for your entire staff, which encourages growth. Because you are all connected, you share information much faster. These benefits also improve retention and reduce personal and sick leave usage.

Explore the options available for a custom videoconferencing background and virtual office and experience their benefits.


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