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Why you should Use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds on your video Calls - Virtual Office

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

In a changing world, working and learning from home are becoming increasingly popular. Many companies and schools are using applications such as Zoom to interact with staff and students.

As you make a choice to use the Zoom application, we recommend to learn all the features it has. They are there to make your meeting or learning experience better. One of the unique features Zoom has is the ability to add virtual background to hide your home which you don't always want people to see.

The virtual background uses a picture or a video on your zoom call. It comes in handy when you have a meeting, and a lot of activities are going on behind you. Once you settle on activating the feature, know it’s best to have a green screen and good lighting. With these two, Zoom can see the difference between your background and you during the call.

Zoom backgrounds include photos and videos that you can use. Also, you can upload your content to play or feature in the background. The excellent news is Zoom doesn’t limit the size of images or videos you can upload to use. Still, it’s best to crop pictures for a better fit before you upload them.

Zoom backgrounds enhance your presence in a meeting by up to 35%. Everyone is bound to listen more to what you have to say. Also, upload a picture of a presentation to share with your colleagues.

How to Activate Zoom Virtual Background?

Placing an image or video on your Zoom meeting is essential and takes only a few steps. The feature is available for members of your organization, specific groups, individual users, and zoom rooms. Many enable virtual Zoom backgrounds during zoom meetings. You can do this by:

1. Start by signing into your organization’s Zoom account as the admin. Ensure you have permission to change the settings of the account.

2. Click on the ‘Account Settings’ and find ‘Virtual Background’ on the ‘Meeting tab. ‘

3. Click on ‘Enable’ to activate the ‘Virtual background setting.’ You’ll get a toggle that permits you to activate it. Click on ‘Turn On.’

4. In case the virtual background is for the whole team, opt to change all their backgrounds by clicking on the ‘Lock’ icon. Click on ‘Lock’ once more to confirm the action.

5. Log out of Zoom and log in again to activate the change on the Zoom background.

Using the Virtual Zoom Background Feature

During a meeting, you might want the background to appear more professional. You’re probably working from home. To use the Zoom virtual background feature:

1. Sign in to your Zoom account

2. Locate your profile picture and click on it.

3. Follow this by clicking on Settings and choose Virtual Background.

4. Next comes clicking on ‘I have a Green Screen’ to indicate you have physical one set up.

5. Click on the video to change the green screen to the correct color.

6. Choose an image from those on the application or upload another one that you prefer to use. Also, another option is to use a video.

7. Once the image or video is ready, start your zoom meeting. Click on the upwards arrow near ‘Start/Stop Video’ and pick ‘Choose a Virtual background.’ The image or video you pick till appear as your background for that meeting.

Final Verdict on Using Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom

Instead of a boring meeting with blank backgrounds, opt to use the Zoom virtual background feature. Zoom backgrounds can be about the topic of discussion, something fun to lift everyone’s spirits, or the office background. All in all, the feature is there to improve your zoom meeting experience. Keep it professional or whimsical.

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