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How To Change Your Background in Amazon Chime

If you have begun working remotely or held virtual meetings in the last few years, you likely have used one of several videoconferencing software options. Despite its later arrival to the market (5 years after Zoom), Amazon Chime has drawn attention from the business world. This is what you should know about this software.

What is Amazon Chime?

Amazon Chime is a videoconferencing application. It allows you to hold video meetings, conference calls, chats, and phone calls. During meetings, you can share your screen, invite additional people to join, accept phone calls, and transfer your meeting from your current device to your mobile phone, giving you greater mobility.

Chime has both free and pro services that you can pay for. You don’t have to sign long-term contracts because Chime services are pay-per-use options. This gives you greater flexibility, allowing you to choose the best services for your business.

Steps To Changing Your Amazon Chime Background

Newer Chime releases offer a video processing API that allows you to edit your video by changing the input. You typically need third-party software, such as OBS or ManyCam, as your video source. You can follow the software.

First, open your software and select “New meeting.” Then, click the ellipses (…) that signify “More.” Then, select “Change video.” A list of third-party programs will appear in your system. Select the program you want to use. These options provide a new camera source. If you have set up your background in your third-party software, you automatically see it in your Chime video.

You can also change your background in JavaScript programming language, which you can copy and paste from sources online. It allows you to pull an image from your computer. Then, you can replace your background with this image by creating a transform device that replaces the camera input.

These options are beneficial because your Amazon Chime background does not typically allow customization.

Steps to Blurring Your Amazon Chime Background

The easiest way to change your background is to use the Amazon Chime background blur. This feature allows you to gain privacy and a professional-looking environment through a simple blur, and it is part of the Chime software.

Start by looking at the bottom of your screen for the “Video” section of the call control bar. Then, click on “Blur my video background.” Choose “Blur strength” under the “Video” menu to enhance or soften the blur. Now, you can preview how much blur you have in your video.

You can remove the blurred background by selecting “Video” and “Blur my video background.” Then, select “None.”

Tips for Blurring Effectiveness

Because Amazon Chime does not use your facial recognition or biometric data to distinguish you from your background, you should do a few things to separate yourself more effectively and prevent your face from becoming blurred or your background from overwhelming it.

First, make sure your clothing contrasts significantly with your background. For example, avoid a light blue shirt with significant blue accessories or wall coloring in a room. Also, avoid wearing hats or headgear because the pre-trained software cannot distinguish or recognize them.

Make sure you have adequate light. You may need to add more if your image or video has a grainy texture. Sit three feet from the camera and focus on the lens when you speak.

Utilize Custom Virtual Backgrounds on Amazon Chime

Sometimes, you need a more professional or specific background for your Chime meetings. Third-party software allows you to fully customize your background and make it look like an office or conference room. You can also make it appear to look out over breathtaking views.

As you choose your Amazon Chime background image, consider your video purpose and desired ambiance.


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