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2022 Virtual Company Holiday Party Ideas Activities

Virtual company parties can be fun and safe events for all attendees. Whether you want to bring remote workers together for an online celebration or plan ahead for contingencies, several enterprises are planning to host virtual holiday parties in 2022. Find out more about the best virtual holiday party ideas for any organization.

Holiday Party Ideas

Many companies have hosted virtual gatherings over recent holiday seasons. Corporate event planners may seek new virtual company party ideas as staff members have become more accustomed to attending remote get-togethers. When you plan a virtual holiday party well in advance, you can arrange a gift exchange or send out gift boxes that should arrive in time for the gathering.

Some companies prefer themed events, such as holiday dress-up parties, or virtual gatherings focused on activities like watching a seasonal movie selected by attendees. Organizers can even set up separate rooms for different activities to capture some aspects of the experience of mingling at an in-person office party. In addition to planning activities for a virtual gathering, assigning hosts for each activity or room can be helpful.

A wide variety of icebreakers and games can be adapted for virtual gatherings. From singing carols to playing charades or holiday bingo, every team member in attendance can participate in memorable experiences at a virtual holiday party. No online gathering is complete without themed backgrounds. Zoom Virtual Office makes it easy to display a holiday-themed version of your company logo or select seasonal motifs.

Party Activities

One of the most popular virtual party activity ideas involves sending gift boxes for attendees to open during the party. Pair branded mugs with packets of hot cocoa or apple cider mix and snacks, or send party favors such as holiday-themed accessories to wear on camera. Party planners can also arrange a remote Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange and encourage attendees to open presents during the virtual festivities.

Several video streaming services offer options for watch parties. Party planners can have attendees vote on a holiday-themed movie to watch during a gathering. Familiar holiday films are likely crowd-pleasers, and organizers can encourage attendees to make humorous commentary during the screening. Ensure all attendees have access to the service you plan to use to allow for an inclusive experience.

Organizers can also encourage attendees to contribute songs to a party playlist. Whether staff adds tracks directly to the playlist or message organizers about songs, music can be the basis for an activity in which attendees try to identify who contributed particular tracks during the event. Another musical activity could be a challenge to write new lyrics to holiday songs that refer to the company.

Party Games

Many activities and party games themed for the holidays can still be enjoyable in a virtual get-together. Trivia is one of the most popular virtual holiday party activities. Ask thematic questions about the company, industry, holiday lore, songs, and movies.

Virtual holiday party planners can also design holiday-themed bingo cards with common phrases or events likely to come up during the gathering. Playing bingo can encourage attendees to stay attentive throughout a virtual holiday party.

Games like charades or Pictionary can also translate to virtual gatherings. Have attendees act out or draw pictures of holiday-themed or company-related topics while their coworkers make guesses. A virtual scavenger hunt can also engage attendees, whether participants compete as individuals or as teams. A decorating contest for gingerbread cookies with materials supplied by party organizers is another popular activity for virtual holiday parties.

Festive Backgrounds

Virtual event organizers should set a theme for a holiday company party. Choose seasonal backgrounds for virtual meeting rooms or consider setting up Zoom Immersive View scenes that bring all attendees together in the same shared virtual space. Whether you customize backgrounds with a standard logo or an updated holiday version of your company signage, organizers and attendees can use backgrounds to set a seasonal scene.

In addition to festive backgrounds, holiday camera filters can be fun additions to a virtual party. Planners can point attendees toward filters compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Filters offer an affordable and easy way to add extra holiday flare to any virtual get-together. A party will likely be more fun if all attendees use computers or devices that meet the system requirements for virtual backgrounds.

A virtual holiday party can be a fantastic opportunity for staff to spend time together during a celebratory time of year. Whether you want to unite staff members in distant locations or offer an alternative to in-person gatherings, a virtual party can be an entertaining and safe way to ring in the holiday season.


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