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30 Customizable Zoom Backgrounds To Showcase Your Company Logo

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

With the rise in working from home and so many people running remote companies, you would think everyone would have a customizable Zoom background. Instead, you will still see people sitting in the corner of their homes or in a crowded cafe trying to get through a meeting with a distracting or strange background. You might even feel like you need to spend a lot of time and money to create the perfect space for video calls, including buying art to hang on the walls or renovating an entire room. Having a Zoom background with your company logo can solve many of these problems. Here are 30 customizable zoom backgrounds to showcase your company logo.

Significance of a Professional Background

With so many meetings over Zoom, you must present the best version of yourself and your company using a professional background. That is often easier said than done. You might be unable to edit an entire room in your home so you have an appropriate meeting space. Yet, you still want to make a great impression whether you're meeting a new client for the first time or having a regular catchup with one of your most loyal clients.

What happens behind you in the video impacts your brand and company's image. It could distract from your presentation if you're giving a seminar or training session, and everyone can see your personal bookshelf and coffee mug on the table behind you. Your video frame represents you, your company, and your professionalism, so it's essential to make it count.

Tips for Choosing the Best Background for Your Company Logo

As you explore your options for customizable zoom virtual backgrounds, there are simple ways to navigate all your choices. First, keep in mind industry standards. Think about how other companies in your industry present themselves on video calls. For example, if you're in the tech industry, you will want to keep things simple and static while your company logo hovers serenely in one corner of your background. However, the same cannot be said for you if you work in the health and fitness industry.

Next, always consider colors. You might fall in love with a bright and happy background that you want to customize to feature your company logo, but if the colors clash with your logo colors, it will look messy and unprofessional.

Finally, think about context. You have to ask yourself if your logo will appear correctly on the background you want to choose. Then, consider if it will work on mobile and desktop and across different systems. Try to test this out whenever possible.

Top Free Backgrounds

When using a virtual background, you can find excellent options for free. These digital backgrounds often have a watermark, so if that isn't something you want, go in a different direction.

Free backgrounds come in a variety of categories:

  • Still pictures of a home office

  • Neutral colored walls

  • Textured backdrops such as brick or paper

  • Outdoor settings

  • Luxury bedrooms or living rooms

  • Whimsical settings such as space or the ocean

Only some types of background will work for your business needs. Only use a whimsical background if you think it will further your objective, such as when trying to lighten the mood at a team meeting. In most cases, the safest choices are home offices and libraries.

Best Paid Personalized Backgrounds

You can explore the best paid personalized backgrounds if you want something professional and stylish that fits your needs. These options will offer you more creative control over the design so that you can feel confident during every meeting. It's also a great way to showcase your logo because you know it will feature in a prominent and logical place in the background. Personalized backgrounds can also include colors and elements from your brand's marketing guidebook to ensure consistent branding across Zoom meetings.

Backgrounds to Avoid

Only some options are your friend when it comes to customizable Zoom backgrounds, and there are some things you should avoid. Backgrounds that are too busy will just become a distraction during your meetings. Even textures can work against you if it creates an odd contrast with what you wear or your hairstyle.

Finally, always consider if your background is culturally appropriate. The last thing you want is to cause distress to your clients or coworkers because people could misinterpret something in your background. This goes for items that might seem artistic to you but could carry negative connotations in other cultures.

Suppose you are switching to a remote work model or simply ready to improve the look of your video meetings. In that case, customizing a Zoom background to showcase your company's logo will significantly impact your success. Discover more virtual backgrounds you can customize and start feeling confident with every call.



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