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6 Best Digital Business Cards Out There in 2023

Business processes and strategies have changed significantly over the last few years. Like many companies, yours may have moved more into digital and virtual spaces than ever before. You have virtual meetings, share digital prospectus, and join online networking. These trends have created the need for new technologies, and the digital business card is one you should know about.

What Is a Digital Business Card

You probably exchanged business cards when you networked, met with customers or investors, or updated friends and peers. These little paper or plastic cards shared your company, position, and contact information; some had additional information. Today’s corporate world has largely gone digital, and you need a way to share your information in this new format.

Digital business cards allow you to provide your information to others quickly. You can also choose what you share, whether it is traditional contact information or more detailed information about you and your company. To give this information away, you can use a URL, a link on your website, or a QR code.

These virtual cards are convenient; most use a simple data transfer app. You can create your card using a free template or hire someone to build it. You can also encourage more robust follow-up processes. Unlike traditional cards that many throw away, they have no environmental impact. Finally, they show that you and your company remain up-to-date on technology and trends.

Who Makes Digital Business Cards

Anyone can make digital business cards. Your first step should involve choosing an app you want to work with. Then, log into the website or app and search through the templates or customization options. Fill in your details and choose your essential networking features. You can change details on the card to create options for all your staff members, building them in bulk rather than making each individually.

Don’t hesitate to customize the templates to make your card more unique. The more you customize the card, the greater your brand identity shines.

Top 6 Digital Business Cards

You may wonder who creates the best digital business card on the market.

  1. DCard can offer your contact information, products and services, testimonials, and portfolio on multiple cards. It provides analytics concerning your card views.

  2. Dibiz offers design templates but may lack modern features. However, the company does provide general analytics.

  3. Knowee offers easy-to-use templates, or you can create your design, and the company’s analytics include users, views, and clicks.

  4. HiHello has a simple dashboard where you can design your card and link your information. You can share via the QR code, your email, a text message, or a URL. A HiHello number can replace yours when you share via text message. The company’s analytics include views, saves, and new contacts.

  5. Beaconstac has the highest rating due to its platform, security with multi-factor identification options, and sharing capabilities, e.g., social media information, images, Shopify links, and contact information. Unlike other cards, you can use Google Analytics for greater data collection.

  6. QRCodeChimp offers templates, customization, bulk creation, and a forever-free plan of up to 10 cards.

How To Choose the Best Digital Business Card

Your choice may rest on finding the right digital business card app for your needs. Consider ease of use, design capabilities, analytics, user interface, the security of your data and your customers, the methods and ease of sharing your card, the ability to create cards in bulk with different information on them, and what you can integrate into your card.

You should also consider the cost and the benefits you get for the price you pay each month. Evaluate your business’s characteristics, size, and needs and identify the types of data you want to include.

You can show that your company is on the cutting edge by investing in digital business cards, but do your homework to find the best option for your business.



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