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Best Sites To Build Your New Website

Your company's website is an essential tool in your digital marketing funnel, serving as a point of contact and information and sometimes even a storefront. That makes establishing a web presence as significant as any other part of your branding initiative. The experience is much easier than most people anticipate if you have never made a website.

How To Create a Website

There are a few ways to create a new site for your business, but some are more accessible.

  1. Developing your site template from code

  2. Using a site builder with easy-to-modify templates

  3. Using site builders with custom-tailored templates

  4. Hiring a developer or designer to build your site to order

The first and fourth options are usually off the table if you have to ask how to build a site because they either take a lot of capital or skill development time. In either case, the most accessible choice for most small companies creating a new site would be a site builder. Website builders let you set up a professional-looking site that focuses on your products and services with just a few clicks, and they keep editing easy so you can adjust your look as your brand identity develops.

What To Look For in a Website Builder

Your site needs to look like your business, with all the information and features your customers expect to find. That might mean an online store, description of services, contact forms for quotes, or any number of things. That means you need flexibility from your site builder.

  • Wide template selection with many formats and styles

  • Customization tools that let you make any template your very own

  • Compatible apps and plugins that align with your company's needs

  • Site expansion and update tools that make changes easy

  • In-browser editing without any need for design software or proprietary apps

When you compare free website builders and their paid counterparts, it quickly becomes apparent that the top choices for most small businesses come down to a handful of options that have mastered the art of offering many choices and an easy way to navigate them.

Free Vs. Paid Website Builders

It's not worth quibbling about whether paid or free builders are better because, in many cases, they're the same service provider. Many top choices for small business sites and e-commerce stores offer a free service tier, with some services available only to paid customers. This allows you to get basic information on the web quickly, but it limits your options for creativity.

Both free and paid versions of popular site builders are available with many templates, for example. You'll find easier customization and more diverse layout styles in the paid category for the most part, and some providers might lock certain editing features that let you individualize the template. Those limitations are primarily what set free website builders apart from subscription services.

Top Overall Website Builders for Your New Site

Each of today's top site builders has its particular specialty. All provide competent service that can help elevate your marketing, but the best choice will be the one that aligns with your needs, not one stand-out provider dominating the industry.

  • Wix has the most straightforward drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of free templates

  • Squarespace makes setting up a professional site and managing e-commerce and marketing tools a simple thing

  • Shopify is built around e-commerce, with full site design features built around retail and a product-showcasing approach to template building

  • has built-in SEO tools to help you get maximum traction from your digital marketing

There are dozens of options for website builders, but these four are quick additions to any short list of the best website builders you can choose in 2023. Other options either deliver less or build their identities around niche services.

Build Digital Brand Consistency

Finding a way to unite the experience of interacting with your business across platforms is often the key to success when building a customer base. That means finding a way to bring your logo into your website and custom video conference backgrounds. Luckily, some great website-building services and CVO tools help with both. Check out your options today.



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